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  1. Hi. I only use the admin panel with SSL so i have a redirect to https. If i open admin panel in https with internet explorer i get a security alert that there are secure and unsecure items on the page. This is because of the Prestashop Live RSS feed from http://www.prestashop.com/rss/news.xml on the homepage. Are there any solutions for the alert? ??? Ronald.
  2. Hi, Little update. I placed the file myself and copied the file from mails/en to mails/nl. Now i have to start translating ;D Ronald
  3. Hi, I have installed a fresh shop. minimal install (no demo data). I have added/configured a new language NL (dutch) (no translation done) When i try to install the mailalerts module i get the following error: Error: cannot copy templates mail file ! -> Source: /hsphere/local/home/hairshop/passion4hair.eu/modules/mailalerts/templates/new_order_nl.html <- Dest: /hsphere/local/home/hairshop/passion4hair.eu/config/../mails/nl/new_order.html I have created the nl folder in mails with +rw but same error appears. Properly it's error with the path config/../mails/nl/ Any insights ? Ronald.
  4. Hi, Is this also true for fresh install? Then i have to start all over again... Ronald.
  5. Hi, If you use the "old" installer you only have to copy the install/sql/xml directory to /install/ Then all is well ps: shop is installed and working !! Thank you PrestaShop Dev team!! Ronald.
  6. Hi, Sorry for the English but i dont speak french ;D PHP error indicates that it is missing xml/checkConfig.php. it is looking in install/xml but the file is in install/sql/xml copy xml directory to install directory. Ronald.
  7. Hi, I just started with installing the new 0.9 version (fresh install) but it does not goes beyond step 3. I get ----- Error One or more SQL errors have occurred ajax error : error ----- After the system check (which does not show by the way, i had to copy and past to text editor to read) ??? Any clues what to do? Ronald.
  8. Hi Philippe. I will send the translation when its finished to the supplied email address. Ronald.
  9. Hi, As soon as the new version comes around i will try to make an translation in dutch. Ronald.
  10. Hi. I am very impressed with Prestashop and the whole setup. As soon as version 1.0 comes to live i will probably go with Prestashop. I now have a few shops running zen-cart which was the number1 cart on my list until now! In the mean time i will start translating Prestashop to dutch. As soon as i have it complete i will send it in. Keep up the good work. Ronald.
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