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  1. Zo te zien hebben ze een linkie gemaakt voor de new posts. Ronald.
  2. Hoi, Ik zou het niet weten. Op dit moment gebruik ik de innopay iDeal module voor zen-cart en die werkt perfect. Zitten er nog haken en ogen aan welke je neemt? Ronald.
  3. Hoi, Leuk dat er nu ook een nederlands forum is. Hebben we dat aan jouw te danken mE-commerce? Ronald.
  4. Hoi, Leuk dat er een nieuw forum met een nieuwe layout is. Maar, hoe krijg ik nu de nieuwe/laatste posts te zien? Ik zie nergens een link of knop. Iemand enig idee? Ronald.
  5. Hoi. Erg fijn dat deze module er komt en dan ook nog gratis beschikbaar wordt gesteld. Toppertje!! Ik denk dat je als Nederlandse webshop iDeal echt nodig hebt. De meeste betalingen op mijn shop lopen nu al via iDeal. (Zen-Cart+ inopay iDeal mod) Ronald.
  6. Hi, You will need to decide for yourself but most people will use www. If you can make a subdomain for your domain pointing to your public_html folder, you can use something like secure.yourdomain.tld. That way people can notice going from http://www.yourdomain.tld to https://secure.yourdomain.tld In this case you will need a certificate for secure.yourdomain.tld Please remember that you will need to have a private ip to. Ronald.
  7. Hi, Zen-Cart is very good. I like it a lot. I have 6 websites running zen-cart at the moment. It has everything you will need and more and has a very big helpful community. But... :- It has also a few catches. Upgrading for instance from version to version is a real pain in the b*tt. Also the template system is really difficult to tweak and has a lot of strange effects. Most of the things that zen-cart is difficult in are easy in Prestashop. That is one of the reasons that i am enthusiastic about this new cart. It has real potential and many of the drawbacks of zen-cart are solved or non existent in Prestashop. So if you need a cart right now i would suggest to go with zen-cart and if you can wait a little longer you can maybe better go with prestashop. Ronald.
  8. Hi. I am waiting for that to. I understand that, for now, it is not a priority for the dev team. to bad ??? The argument was that it confuses people.. :- It is absolutely no option for me to run Prestashop whit out SSL. Ronald.
  9. Hi, No i didn't finish the translation yes because i am waiting for SSL integration in Prestashop. I think it is to easy now to hack my sites if i would use Prestashop now without SSL. Also taking/storing customers private information and even credit card numbers without SSL is just not done. So for the moment i am waiting for that and continue to work with my Zen-Cart shops. (i have 5). Ronald.
  10. Hi, You can edit (or create) your .htaccess file. put this line in. php_flag register_globals off Usually this works. Ronald.
  11. Hi Wouter, Very nice websites you build. I also am very impressed by Prestashop. I am using Zen-Cart at the moment for my shops. All the "difficulties" i have with zen-cart are potentially solved with Prestashop so i am eager to use it, i am only waiting for the fial version with SSL intergration in the shop before i make a switch. How did you convince your customers to already start using Prestashop without SSL for the admin panel and account creation? Ronald. ps welke payment modules gebruik je voor presta?
  12. Hi, If i don't use SSL for my admin panel i am affraid that i will be hacked within hours. Also a lot of customers demand SSL for account creation and things like that. Consumer groups are also advising/informing the public only to buy on internet using secure shops. I now use the Presta admin panel with SSL using a redirect, but that does not work with account creation and checkout. Well you did mention that you are planning to include it in the final version so i will just wait and finish the Dutch translation Ronald.
  13. Hi, Before i can use this great software, there really need to be support SSL for account creation and for admin panel access. I think it is not sensible to have users give there personal info without any safeguards like SSL. Is there any planning for including SSL in the nearby future? Ronald.
  14. Hi, I think that is the best solution. Make it as an module available for the people who want to use it. Ronald.
  15. Hi Peter, That is just the thing i wanted to hear. Great Ronald.
  16. Hi, Are you guys planning to include SSL? Also account information , account creation and payment pages should be SSL. Ronald.
  17. hi. They are talking about captcha verification and the reply is that this will be available in next versions. Ronald.
  18. Hi, I have some concerns with the account creation pages. When customers are about to give there personal information the website should redirect to https. Account creation and payment info details should be handled by SSL enabled pages. So my question is : How can i redirect to https?? Ronald. :-
  19. Hi, I use the Cheque v1.1 module for bank transfers. I want to put a little explanation in the address field but this field is not multi language. ??? ??? Is this by design? I plan to use 4 languages with Prestashop and i need to be able to translate everything. Ronald.
  20. Hi, That was the first thing i tried. I get 'timed out' errors for https://www.prestashop.com Not a big problem. Ronald.
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