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  1. Ok, I have partially fixed my own problem. I changed the cookie_key in Parameters.php in the app/config folder. Then reset the password in the BO and I could log in, so must have been some issue with that file. Still can`t figure out why I can`t get the password reset email to be sent. It seems mentioned alot, but I can`t find a solution James
  2. I`ve suddenly run into a problem, no one can log in to their profiles from the Front Office. I can still log in to the Admin panel without any issues, but even this log in does not work for the FO. Was getting the problem on PS, and even updated to and the problem still exists. I have already tried clearing the cache on PS & browser, Chrome and Firefox, resetting the password through Back Office. Nothing is working...desperate for some advise... On a slightly different point, the password reset emails aren`t being sent either; with either PHP or SMTP email (other emails go through). Thanks, James
  3. I just tried your module on my PS store, but it is blanks. I have selected several categories to be listed, tried changing the options but it remains blank. Any ideas? James
  4. Nothing in the error logs on the server, if I turn on Debug mode; when i get a warning (attached) in the backend. But I get this on all stores, even the working ones. Front end shows the same 500 error page. Any other suggestions?
  5. I`m having a problem setting up an additional URL for a multistore. I already have 3 setup, and having no problems (diving-solutions.com - capture2.png) but when I try to add divenut.com (capture3.png) I get a 500 server error (capture4.png). Can someone advise what I`m doing wrong, as I`m following the same steps as I used for diving-solutions.com James
  6. Just noticed I have a problem with currencies on the slider, discounted price is correct but not the original price. The original price is in the wrong currency, and that is making the indicated discount a silly big number! Please advise?
  7. Hi, please can someone suggest why I`m not getting products showing up on one of my tabs, as detailed in the above post? James
  8. Thanks again, and I think final question...I`ve notice that my first slider says "No special deals at this time" (see https://www.diving-solutions.com/), although I`ve selected a category that has products that are enabled and in stock? I have even selected individual products in the module and they also don`t show up? James
  9. Thanks for the fast response, ok that works. Last thing, I`ve changed the color, but I cant change the color of the price text (its currently orange); doesn`t seem to be an option in the layout?
  10. Hi, awesome module; super easy to get up and running on my store (www.diving-solutions.com). To keep the layout common, I`d like to replace the standard 'Popular' tab with your Carousel as well; is there a way to get it to show popular items rather than just a fixed category? James
  11. Great thanks, I`ll give the cart rules a try first; if I don`t get on well I`ll have a look at the module.
  12. Hi, In my store I have hundreds of individual products, but some can go together with others (for example, knife and fork). I want to offer a discount for anyone who adds the complementary item when ordering. How do I do this, other than creating a new product that is a Pack; as that requires me to do a new description and photos etc. Thanks, James
  13. Hi, the link to the 1.6 version seems to be wrong; when I try to install it says its not compatible with this version (I'm using
  14. Hi, I have installed the PS1.6.1.10 version on my store (www.diving-solutions.com), created a few different payment methods via the "Pay Systems" tab. But nothing in showing up in my checkout? What haven`t I done...please advise? James UPDATE: I fixed my own problem, I hadn`t selected the carriers within this module. It now works...
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