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  1. Hi, I currently use product comments module and don't know how to make the stars shown at the side of the review to be coloured in. My customers can leave their reviews but not grade the product by stars, it just shows the stars as blanked out.
  2. Thanks so much. I've sorted it now. One thing is, can I show a colour palette to my customers down the left hand side where it also says manufacturers, then they can search by colour??
  3. Very helpful but I found it hard to hear you speaking and my speakers were at full volume.
  4. Hi there, I must admit I'm stuck. I am going into Products and can't see anywhere where it says attribute. All I can see is price, shipping etc down the side column. I don't know how to assign an attribute for my existing products for colour
  5. I have it set up under the Layered navigation module, but as I sell mostly one off items in one colour does that make a difference? Do I need to set up colour attributes or something on each product
  6. Hi, I was wondering if a customer/guest could search my shop by colour. I like the colour charts shown on some websites like Amazon and hoped to be able to create one for my store. Can anybody advise me on this please.
  7. Hi Nemo, I think the hosting company may have sorted it now as something has changed. Sorry to be a nuisance
  8. Good morning. I have been trying to upload images to my products for hours and it keeps saying image is too large . I've tried making it smaller and smaller and still it says too big. I'm using the JPEG format. Should I be doing something in preferences under images? I did mess about a bit and alter some sizes, but not really sure what sizes I should be adding. This is what it says when I try to upload one Image is too large (148 kB). Maximum allowed: 0 kB Any help is much appreciated.
  9. To be able to add my main categories at the top of my page I need to find Top Horizontal or something and it's just not there. I think I have either deleted it or unhooked it and been told I need a total reset of my back office and store.
  10. When I type in Top Horizontal like shown in the video under modules, there is nothing there which says that as I think I have deleted it
  11. I bought it off Ebay uk and they set it up for me. I presume they are the hosts? I thought Prestashop were hosts. I'm getting all confused. Maybe Prestashop is just the shop then.
  12. Hi, I want to show my Categories, for example, Fashion Bags at the top menu bar and I can't find a way to do it. Apparently I have got rid of the top column settings in my Backoffice and it won't let me get the top column template thing back.
  13. When it says unhook, does that mean to release it for usage, or unhook to get rid??
  14. Hi Vekia, There's no module there for me to uninstall and install again. I can't find it
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