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  1. It's an option, but I guess some one like me needs php 5.6 or maybe 7.1. It should be some other option to do it right. Any one know the solution?
  2. Hi, If I try to buy many products from warehouse A then all of available carriers for that warehouse is shown. If I try to buy one product from warehouse A and second product from warehouse B, then at check out only two delivery options is shown. If I change speed grade to 0 for all carriers, then only one option is shown. In addition: I use Advanced stock management I have 2 warehouses Warehouse A has 3 carriers Warehouse B has 1 carrier My carriers
  3. I'm interested in this too. Have you found a solution?
  4. compare and wishlist functions

    I dissapointed too..
  5. No idea why.. but it worked for me too.. But why? The buttons save and stay or save was saving products before and suddenly it stoped. Now, thanks to YOU mate, it works again. Any ideas why?
  6. Link to PDF invoice at checkout

    Any one found a solution to this topic? How to get the link of invoice in PS 1.6 after order is comfirmed?
  7. Can you tell us please what code exactly should I put on product.tpl to make it work? Thankyou!
  8. Sort By Manufacturers

    Hi this post not available any more. Could you please help us one more time? It is very useful sort by manufacturer line for prestashop. Thank you
  9. Hi, any one knows how to zoom out the default-bootstrap theme on prestashop 1.6 ? It's to big for my eyes. Now I use chrome builtin extension (ctrl - +) to zoom out or in the page. Is there such simple way to zoom out the theme? I know there is such line like @media screen (min-width: 0000px) { } , and I can modify a code in those brackets but that is to dificult.. I believe there must be the way like max-width of everything to lets say 994px and that's it. Anyway.. any help would be appreciate! Thanks in advance! Example of chrome zoom out/in:
  10. There is no such line you have written bellow. There is lines: function blockHover(status) { $(document).off('mouseenter').on('mouseenter', '.product_list.grid li.ajax_block_product .product-container', function(e){ // EDVINAS keiciam max ilgi, buvo 1170 if ($('body').find('.container').width() == 1170) { var pcHeight = $(this).parent().outerHeight(); var pcPHeight = $(this).parent().find('.button-container').outerHeight() + $(this).parent().find('.comments_note').outerHeight() + $(this).parent().find('.functional-buttons').outerHeight(); $(this).parent().addClass('hovered').css({'height':pcHeight + pcPHeight, 'margin-bottom':pcPHeight * (-1)}); } }); // EDVINAS keiciam max ilgi buvo 1170 $(document).off('mouseleave').on('mouseleave', '.product_list.grid li.ajax_block_product .product-container', function(e){ if ($('body').find('.container').width() == 1170) $(this).parent().removeClass('hovered').css({'height':'auto', 'margin-bottom':'0'}); }); } I tried to change the width, even comment it out (the function) but nothing happend. It would be very useful if some one could tell how to resize theme (keywords: shrink page, reduce theme, max width)