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  1. Regardless of the payment method chosen, customers don't seem able to make an order... any help? just getting this on the order page after paying- and my boss said he got errors when trying to reset the password- I have Prestashop 1.6
  2. Damn I wasn't aware that was there... thank you!
  3. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, the shipping ranges just seem to not work at all. In this example, between 2-10 should increase the price and not be 5+vat (£6) it should be £10+vat and yet with a weight of 5 (between 2-10) it adds the shipping for the 0-1... It should not be £6 that is getting added. Any help?
  4. Yeah I need to just see the Visa logo, so I don't know why it's still showing the big one with a few on it. I C=changed it to just be Visa on its own before I left last night
  5. So it does seem it changes. I'm currently seeing a long logo, can you see that now? it doesn't seem to be updating to a smaller one I have set.
  6. hm there seems to be an error with that listing in particular. try a different product
  7. any address should work, what were you seeing when putting it in? I'm in there but I'm not finding where I'm supposed to edit the logos I was in the file of the module itself but editing the logo didn't change anything and there was nothing in "product payment logos"
  8. where do I find the module folder? http://www.nd-tuning.co.uk/
  9. Hi there, is there any way to edit the module pictures? We want to change the picture for secure trading to have a picture of a card so customers know that it's a card. Is something like this possible? can you also change what it says so we could put "pay by card" instead? thank you
  10. We have Prestashop 1.6 Do you know anything about Gzip? we need to do that according to analyzing.
  11. It seems that putting it as "HTML only" manages to sort this? as tests on that put them in the inbox. If you're having troubles with it too you could try that?
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