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  1. Unfortunly the module it is full of bugs!

    - The order status dont are recogniced correctly.

    - The module dont work when we use another currency that is not the default, it not convert the amount, only change the currency symbol.

    - Some orders are not displayed in the "Back Office >> Orders" only in carts.

    - It crash another next orders after anyone use the module.


    Beware! It is danger use this module in production stores!

    This module must be alpha version or 0.1.1, it is not an 1.1 version!

  2. That is because the italian emails translation have a lot of errors.

    replace all the .html and .txt files in the folder "/public_html/mails/it" with the .html and .txt files in "/public_html/mails/en"

    This put all your italian emails in english. But it stay without any translation errors that are not solved on more than 2 years!

    kind regards

  3. Hello

    My shopping cart in "Summary Shopping Cart" (order.php file) display invalid products.
    When i add one product to my shopping cart, apears multiple products whith value 0 in my cart that i did not add (see atached image).
    The cart in right colum are correct and and the rest of the store works fine, the only problem is that "fake" products that appears in "Summary Shopping Cart".

    Anyone can help-me to correct that, please?
    In extreme, how do i remove all shopping cart from "Summary Shopping Cart" (order.php)?


  4. Does anyone know how to implement the fields description_short and description?

    The following code does not work because it removes the formatting:

    "friendly"=>"Descricao Curta",
    "isLang" => 1,
    "input_size" => 40,
    "isLang" => 1,
    "input_size" => 100,

  5. Power module to easily edit the characteristics of products in different languages.
    Active, Name, Quantity, Price, Wholesale Price, Amount of reduction, reduction percentage, weight, META Title, META Description, META Keywords, Link Rewrite, manufacturer ID, vendor ID

    Attention, so that the module works correctly none of the fields may have the character " (parentheses) otherwise gives error and may lose some information.


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