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  1. Estimados, Tengo una tienda con 1.6 y aveces cuando se genera un pedido lo duplica por diferencias de un segundo, he notado que esto pasa solo en esta version en las anteriores no pasaba lo otro tambien note que cuando pasa esto justo la generacion de pedido dura como 10 segundos, puede ser que el browser o prestashop clonen el tema. Saludos y gracias.
  2. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply. I did that before. The Pack contains 3 products: -Product A - Stock=100 -Product B - Stock=100 -Product C - Stock=0 The product C i cant purchase. Good. But the Pack that contain products A,B and C i still can purchase because the product pack has is own stock , lets say= 500 So, the native solution doenst fit to my needs. Thats why i believe i need a special modification or module. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have the "Product Pack" working, but we need the stock of the "product pack" connected with the stock of the products that conform the pack. So if one on the products have 0 stock the "product pack" cant be purchased. In the native solution, the "product pack" has is own stock. We need to have the "product pack" have the stock automaticed and connect with the stock of the products that conform the "Product Pack" Someone available to write such a module? -Prestashop Version:1.6 -Not module necesary, a modification of the files is fine also. -If you are interested please send me a email to: danielelias2005@gmail.com or you can answer to this post. Thanks in advance.
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