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  1. thank you so much you just saved my life , sorry my reply is late .. thank's again for the help and viva prestashop community
  2. Hello krystian thank you so much for the reply, and it works now well this hook is a front-end one, is there a back end hook in which I can do the same think ??? and thank you again
  3. hello everyone; i'm trying to add my customers to an other table in my database (the same prestashop database) so i tried to do it via hooks but its not working i don't know what's mistaken in my program public function hookActionCustomerAccountAdd($params) { $id_lang = $this->context->language->id; if ($customer instanceof Customer) { $id_customer = $customer->id; //the function that will add this customer to my table } } my prestashop version is please help, and thank you
  4. Hello; well your idea can work and it will not affect the prestashop core or it database since you are using a different prefix for your tables (or just do it without a prefix ). To Connect two systems here its your Pickup system and prestashop u can merge the two databases via the installation of the module responsible of that, and make the management of the two in the prestashop admin panel... I'm working on something like that, it may not be the perfect idea but just work on it you may have some good results good luck
  5. Okey, got it , now i have a clear idea about how doing it, thank you so much again it's been so much helpful
  6. First Of all i'm really thankful for your answers its helping me a lot. thank you Bellini so if i do understand very well if i want to create a module properly i need to stick to the ObjectModel ; if for example there is anything that does not suite me on it, all i have to do is overriding that class or creating others that extends from it) then just working on my module. developing properly is so impotent to me, so am I in the right way ? ps: excuse my English if there are any mistakes it's my 2nd language
  7. hello everyone; I want to know if it's possible for me to develop a module using any ORM tools (or libraries) i mean is it suitable with prestashop ? and thank you
  8. Oh yes i sow this list .. anyway thks again
  9. thank you so much Bill, all is clear to me now I'll go deeper in those thinks to assimilate them very well. just one think, can you please tell me if I can use ORM libraries to develop any of my modules ?
  10. OOoo thank you so much Bill this is so much helpful.. So to sum up what i know, prestashop uses smarty as a template engine in the display level and the MVC design pattern in the organisation level(i just call it like that to help myself understanding thinks) ... Does it uses an other design pattern in any other level that i may not know ?? i'm a software engineer student and i'm in my learning way ... if its possible i'd like to have more clarifications on this or just some good links that will help me on that... and thank you
  11. hello everyone Can i know what design pattern prestashop team uses to develop this platform ? i'd like to know more about it and study it since it's the best way to be a good prestashop developer.. So if its possible to give me it name ... and thank you
  12. i did register my hook but i forgot to uninstall my module now i did it and its working perfectly thank you so much Paul
  13. thank you so much Paul for your reply well i tried it but its not working, sorry i'm a newbie pestashop developer and i'm really confused...
  14. hello everyone, i'm developing a module where I have to to add my products to an other table 'products' in my prestashop database. well i did it using the AddProduct hook and it works perfectly. now I want to work on the delete function. i tried to do the same thing with the appropriate hook but the product is not deleted from the products table. NB: my 'products' table does not have any prefix this is my hookDeleteProduct function : public function hookDeleteProduct($params) { if (!isset($params['product']->id)) return false; $id_product = (int)$params['product']->id; $sql = 'DELETE FROM products WHERE ID ='.$id_product ; Db::getInstance()->execute($sql); } please help
  15. thank you so much hpar for the reply this is what i'm working on now
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