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  1. I wanted to upgrade my prestashop and enabled the 1-click module, but when it was almost finished, an error occurred and I started rolling back, but also there was an error and I only got this page: Technobiler.net can not currently process this request. HTTP ERROR 500This page does not work I chose to copy my backup files over, but with unchanged result I still get the same error. What do I do now? Thanks in advance Mogens
  2. Der kom da ikke noget ud af at kopiere backuppen tilbage - kun en HTTP 500 error
  3. I forbindelse med upgradering via 1-click modulet til sluttede det af med en error og jeg begyndte at rulle tilbage hvorefter jeg fik følgende error. Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/mounted-storage/home150/sub045/sc80431-OXSB/teknobiler.net/config/config.inc.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php5/') in /mounted-storage/home150/sub045/sc80431-OXSB/teknobiler.net/index.php on line 27 Hvad gør jeg nu?
  4. Hej Morten Tak for din tilbagemelding. Jeg har valgt kun at bruge bankoverførsel og det fungerer ganske udmærket. Mht. Mobilepay har jeg påført: Betalingen via Mobilepay: 21305030 i modulet Bankoverførsel, dvs at det kommer til at fremgå på den faktura som køber modtager og det fungerer perfect, jeg har indenfor de sidste par dage modtaget 2 betalinger via Mobilepay. Mvh Mogens www.teknobiler.dk
  5. Jeg har: www.aluminiashoppen - www.teknobiler.dk og www.netshop4all.dk
  6. Hvordan gør man prestashoppen synlig på Internettet SEO?
  7. The problem is solved - it was browser cache to be deleted. Thank you
  8. Please Help, though I've made something disappear all the photos and now shows question mark - see enclosed What happened and how do I get the pictures back? Nyt billede (3).bmp
  9. We have even solved the problem and now it works as it should. We have even solved the problem and now it works as it should.
  10. I never ignore a response, but the condition that I understand what is meant! I have 3 Prestashops - 2 of them are about 3 years old and the last, I am not finished configuring. I have checked the module bank transfer in all three netshops are identical and the same applies to the customer's currency, group and country.
  11. Jeg har løst problemet ved at tilføje følgende tekst i modulet "Bankoverførsel" Du er velkommen til at betale med Mobilepay: 21305030, blot tjek ud og brug Mobilepay så kommer det til at stå på fakturaen
  12. Excuse me, but is not quite what you think. I have configured the module :: Bank Transfer v1.1.2 - by PrestaShop Accept payment via bank transfer. and it is the only module I have.
  13. Is that you have this invoice.tpl I found the pdf / as you think <tr> <td colspan="7" class="left small"> <table> <tr> <td> <p>{$legal_free_text|escape:'html':'UTF-8'|nl2br}</p> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> If that's how I write it without breaking anything? Here is the text I want to add "Du er velkommen til at betale med Mobilepay: 21305030, blot tjek ud og brug Mobilepay"
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