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  1. Thank you for your interest in Filter Search. You can define your own Filter Group selection for each section of your web site that contains products. Global Filter Groups available include Attribute / Feature / Category / Manufacturer / Price Range You can also set enhanced configuration for each of these filter groups & sub filters! Filter Search fully works with prestashop's Features & Attributes. You can drag & drop to organize the position of your Filters. Alternatively you may set your filters to an alphabetical order sequence. There are many differences from other filter modules. However it would certainly not be right on this forum to compare with other filter modules. Our 1st post now updated above!
  2. I confirm Filtering works with Price Drops / Category / Manufacturer / Search / Best Sellers List, Grid & Gallery view is also included in Filter Search. You can sort any filter group alphabetically plus choose the way you wish to display each group. Images & logos will be added to the next 2.5 update which will be released in 2-3 weeks perhaps sooner. For a limited time only we do provide a FREE install & integration service.
  3. Have a look on the new Filter Search 2.4 Pro version. There is a huge difference in our feature-set and performance. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  4. FILTER SEARCH PRO 2.5 Navigation dynamique et efficace: permet à vos clients de trouver les bons produits de la manière la plus rapide et conviviale qui soit. Les nouveautés • Compatible PS 1.5 • Conception et édition de Thèmes Pro intuitive et WYSIWYG (aperçu en direct de vos modifications, avant publication) • Plug-in GRATUIT XtendViews inclus dans cette version • Filtrage par groupes de couleurs Nouveau service de développement de plugins et d'extensions sur mesure XtendViews est un exemple de plugin développé pour Filter Search Pro. Ce plugin est inclus dans cette version. Consulter notre site web pour plus d'informations. www.filtersearchpro.co.uk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILTER SEARCH PRO • Réécriture complète du module et de son interface • Amélioration de la gestion des filtres avec de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalités • Filtrage des plus performants, avec mise en cache • Intégré avec les pages Promotions / Meilleures Ventes / Nouveaux Produits • Présentation des produits en mode Liste améliorée, comprenant 3 modes de vues en Front Office (Liste / Grille / Galerie) • Rétro-compatible avec prestashop 1.2 / 1.3 • Partage des résultats des filtres à travers les médias sociaux • Testé avec plus de 100.000 produits • Page de recherche : possibilité de filtrer sur les résultats de recherche • Le filtrage est 100% Ajax, pour encore plus de fluidité et d'interactivité. Voici une sélection de copies écran : vues back-office et utilisateur.
  5. FILTER SEARCH PRO 2.5 Dynamic & easy navigation: empowering your customers to find the right products in the fastest possible way. What’s New? • 1.5 Compatible • Pro Theme Design now available • Powerful Theme Editor with Live Preview • FREE XtendViews plugin with this release • Color Filter Groups NEW Plugin & Extend Development service With the launch of our new plugin & extend development service. XtendViews which is our first plugin developed for Filter Search is now included with this release. Please see our web site for further details. www.filtersearchpro.co.uk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILTER SEARCH PRO Filter Search & our API framework has now been completely rewritten Enhanced Admin Filter Management with many new features Highest performance filtering optimised with price caching Integrated with Price Drops / Best Sales / New Products Product List Enhanced including List/Grid/Gallery view Backwards compatible with prestashop 1.2 / 1.3 Share your results across social media Tested with over 100,000 products Search page extended filtering Filtering is 100% Ajax driven
  6. Hello to all Filtersearch Community Version Users This post is to inform you of news about Filter Search and Ejectcore Labs. Lately we have been placing all our focus on development of Checkout Pro (The Next Generation 2 Step Ajax Checkout System for Prestashop) And the new extended commercial API that both Filter Search Enterprise and Checkout Pro both now use! This gives Filter Search Enterprise and the soon to be released Lite edition incredible speed (more than a 75% increase) and amazing extensibility options. Yes we did just announce that Filter Search Lite is near completion! We will release one last update for Filter Search 2.1 Community Edition which is to fix bugs and some of the new issues that you have mentioned on the forums with prestashop 1.3.2. Additionally we are removing the API from the community edition which will make this a standalone module. This update will be fully compatible with Prestashop 1.3.2 and you will be able to upgrade to Filter Search Lite or the Full Enterprise edition directly from the back office! Thank you for your support of Filter Search and Eject Core Labs.
  7. Again this is not a bug. What it comes down to is performance issues on your server. For your edification, the entire dataset for your category is being requested via Ajax and because everything is loading through ajax, of course there will be some time to waiting. We are constantly looking for ways to improve performance but we will not be making modifications in this release. If you would like to send us an email we will try to investigate why your processing request is taking so long. We will not usually be able to support this but in this instance we can at least investigate for a few minutes. Also remember you are displaying all possible filter combination's in addition to processing 500 requests via ajax so of course this will be slower. In the enterprise edition you will be able to define your filter selection for every category/manufacturer thus decreasing the load processed through ajax. To further test - go into your back-office and disable the Filter Search module, then set your display products to 500 or more and test how long it takes to display them.
  8. We have now released a small update for resolving the duplicate price issue Please replace the attached product-list.tpl located in: [prestashop]/modules/coremanager/modules/filtersearch/views/product-list.tpl product-list.tpl.zip
  9. Hello Everyone. I know that we have been unavailable in this community for some time now, We have been extremely busy with several large projects and a new Pro Core module called Checkout Pro. To recap how filter search Community edition works. Filter Search Community Edition only displays in the categories section! If your an experienced php programmer you may be able to write additional functions to display the filter in other locations of your site, but this is not something that we are going to do for you in this edition. The community edition comes with no administration functionality! Again if you are an experienced developer, you can create you own configuration options. Finally since this is a community module, there is no support aside from major bugs fixes! Filter Search Enterprise remains the 800lb Gorilla of Product Filter Modules for your Prestashop. Enterprise has the most comprehensive feature set and is growing rapidly. It goes without saying that the Enterprise Edition has an enhanced performance level than the community edition. However, really it is the way your prestashop is structured and your server configuration. We constantly strive to improve performance and you can expect future releases of Filter Search Enterprise to be more robust with plug-in development, and enhancements to make your Prestashop faster than ever! For those of you who are serious prestashoppers, but are a little timid about the price of the full-featured Enterprise edition, for a limited time only we are offering a 30 day two part payment plan for this module.
  10. Filter Search Community Edition Requirements for the community edition to work right out of the box: 1. you must be running php 5.2+ 2. you must use the default prestashop theme We do not provide free support for the community edition. The Community edition will not allow you to configure anything in the back office. Please either purchase the soon to be released Lite Edition or the fully featured Enterprise Edition in order to have any control over filter configuration in the administration panel. You can get more information on our new enterprise release here. Filter search because it is a core module installs itself in several different areas in the admin, but only appears in the category list in the store front. And yes it does not by nature appear on the home page because you are filtering a category. Therefore it only appears in the category left column or right column. If you do experience problems with Filter Search Community and you have met the minimum requirements you may email us at [email protected] or via PM in the Prestashop forums.
  11. Filter Search 2.1 Community Edition is fully compatible with the default prestashop theme! We don’t provide support if you are using custom themes for Filter Search 2.1 Community Edition. However we do provide FREE support with our Commercial Editions. This week we have launched Filter Search 2.1 Enterprise Edition. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/57298/job_offers_and_paid_services/filter_search_2_dot_1_enterprise_edition_has_launched Filter Search 2.1 Lite edition will also be available in the next few weeks & the full feature-set will be announced soon
  12. Eject Core Labs proudly presents its premier search platform for prestashop, Customers can now immediately find what they are looking for and that translates into sales for you! !http://ejectcore.com/img/filtersearch-logo.jpg! The Filter Search Enterprise Feature Set Includes: • A Dynamic Price Range Slider • Filter Search Advanced Admin Interface • Sort By Tabs & Most Popular Products & Highest Viewed • Section Display Settings – New Products / Prices Drops • Additional Filter Display – Manufacturer / New Products / Prices Drops • Highly Extensible – Pro Core API with Plug-in Loader & Support • Define your Filters Category Specific • Define your Filters Manufacturer Specific • NEW 2.1 - Dynamic Price Range Configuration • NEW 2.1 - Product List Management • NEW 2.1 - Filter by Multiple Sub Categories • NEW 2.1 - Setup & User Guide Shop owners with large inventories will be excited to know that Filter Search 2.1 Enterprise can now filter by Multiple Sub Categories, Price Range, Attributes, Features, and Manufacturers. Eject Core Labs would also like to introduce the all new Pro Core API! In addition to an impressive set of features, the core of Filter Search & our other future modules can be extended well beyond the standard. Custom plug-ins can be developed to meet any requirement your store has. Included with your Filter Search Enterprise Purchase, incident based support to assist you in setting up Filter Search if you run into problems. Help your customers stop searching and start finding with Filter Search Enterprise today! Filter Search 2.1 Enterprise is available by visiting our web site. http://ejectcore.com/1-filter-search.html'>http://ejectcore.com/1-filter-search.html Soon to be available at prestastore.com Look out for more projects under development in our labs, like Checkout Pro 2 Step Checkout! Get more information at http://ejectcore.com
  13. Ok Shaun. You may send us your FTP details. Issues like these are usually simple enough to resolve. On this occasion we will take a quick look into this for you
  14. You were expecting more for this community edition which has no price tag :bug: Please provide us with an example of this specific issue!
  15. Are you running PHP 5.2+ ? Please provide us with more information.
  16. Filter Search 2.1 Community Edition will automatically clear your smarty compile. Please make sure you have the updated version of Filter Search!
  17. Filter Search works in both the Left Column & Right Column. Have you made any modifications to the default theme? Please provide us with your FTP details & we will be able to take a quick look at this!
  18. Are you using the default theme? Please can you provide us with more information with example links for you vat issue.
  19. We have now released Filter Search 2.1 our Final Community edition! This is fully compatible with the default prestashop theme! Download Filter Search 2.1! We don't provide support for custom themes for Filter Search Community Edition. However we do provide FREE support with our Commercial Editions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With this in mind I will give you one small tip. Filter Search overrides the Product List display. The Black & White theme uses "categorie_product" for the product list selector I would recommend changing this back to the the default selector, which is "product_list" You may also have to change the CSS for the product list!
  20. This is an issue which has now been resolved in Filter Search 2.1. All you need to do for now is manually clear your smarty compile! [prestashop]tools/smarty/compile (remove all files here) We have added smarty compile auto clear to our 2.1 release which will be available soon. Sorry we are unable to give you a precise time frame until we have resolved the issues on our server!
  21. We apologize for the delay with our Filter Search 2.1 release. Unfortunately we have had severe hardware issues with our server. :shut: We hope to be up & running again soon & to continue development with Filter Search. Our main priority at the moment is to get our Enterprise Clients upgraded this week!
  22. Unfortunatly we have not had enough interest from the community with our categories interface module Currently we are extremely busy with other projects including Filter Search & Fast Checkout Pro. However we do plan to continue this, we will need people to contribute towards development. Due to are current schedule we can't complete development now until next month!
  23. Thank you all for your patience we are now in the testing phase. Filter Search 2.1 will be released next week! We will get round to answering everyone's questions early next week
  24. Fold can you explain this further please? Are you referring to the Filter Limits for each group?
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