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  1. Where do you get an older version of this module from? I'm in the Uk and also can't use it.
  2. Sorted myself. For anyone looking for the solution to this problem, you have to choose the redirect type that you want and the start typing in the name of the product you want to redirect to. A drop down list is automatically generated for you to pick from. Would be good to have the page help updated to include this if anyone from Prestashop is listening...
  3. Hi I am trying to make use of the disabled product redirect feature on the right-hand side of the global product information page. I am trying to set up a 301 redirect to another product, but cannot work out what I need to put into the 'related product' text entry box that sits directly below the 'redirect' box on the right. Every piece of data I have entered, specifically the back office product ID number and the page url just disappears when immediately after it is entered. Can you please tell me how to make it work? I can;t find anything in the help notes for the page or the forums. Thanks
  4. Hi there I'm hoping that the forum can help me with a weird problem. One of the products in our catalogue is not carrying the charge that the presta shop system makes for this into paypal. Things I have checked: - the product has a weight associated with it that is correct - the cost of the postage is showing as being included in the transaction in the order page - as far as I can tell, no voucher has been associated with this product that would affect the shipping - I cannot see that free shipping is associated with this product, but nor can I find something that says postage is definitely paid for. Can you please help with this? I have checked other recent transactions and the postage has been put through and paid for correctly. -
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