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  1. Yes its important to fill meta description. Based on this description it crawl and fetches data.
  2. I would suggest you to remove those 700 not found url from google master. So that it dont get indexed.
  3. Yup, After months of speculation, Google announced that they would be giving preference to secure sites. Lets see how it reflects.
  4. Hi Zikma, How is that you advertise on facebook ? Do you target country wise or have you set any criteria for ads dsiplay. Even i am planning to start.
  5. Yes ! Google + has more weightage when compare to others.
  6. I wanted to know, will this social media marketing work out for small and medium size business ? Can we expect ROI from it ? Share your views
  7. Naming images would be Alt tags, i guess there is an option. But am not sure. Even i wanted to know, waiting for moderator reply.
  8. I would like to share what i know on how to do seo for prestashop - 1. Fine tune the keywords you will be working with 2. Fill all the field in the product information sheet like meta tag details 3. Generate site map 4. Check out site speed 5. Check is there any duplication on title or url 6. Fix the url which has #!!C ids
  9. Google gives priority for the page, which has fresh content. If the content is new and customer keeps on engaging in that particular page for long time. There are more changes for it to get listed in top of SERP.
  10. Also i would like to add up one more point that, if the page pointing to your site have poor page rank and alexa then even its takes as bad link or poor links. which has to be detected and link has to be removed from it.
  11. I check your site, this is your h1 tag = Guelph Coach House Florist and Gifts. Placing your exact product keyword would be good. Make the tag bit smaller.
  12. Ya, anyway getting listed in google and bringing up ranking is a slow process. If you instantly want to increase the website traffic then in that case you can go for google adwords.
  13. Ya those worng url can be deleted from crawl errors. so that those url dont get indexed in SERP.
  14. Hi You can to go to Crawl > Crawl errors in google webmaster There you can find list of server error, 404, not found list...
  15. You mean to say it would be deindexed by google ?
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