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  1. Hello Safa; I used your module and really satisfied. Thanks for this usefull module and the your technical support aftersales.
  2. Hello Safa; I used your module and really satisfied. Thanks for this usefull module and the your technical support aftersales.
  3. Hello; I can receive an xml file from this module but as my site is in Turkish, i have Turkish character problems. Does anyone know what i can do? Thx
  4. Hello; I looked at your software. It makes sense to use such a windows interface, Bu the price is 209 usd now. Are you planning to give a special discount for the users of this forum in a very close future? thx
  5. Very nice and usefull module. Thank you very much
  6. Hello; Although ı unınstalled an deleted the module folder ıt still appears at the bottom of the page. why can ıt be?? Thanks for your help Please take a look at it. http://www.evicinhersey.com/
  7. Sorry mate. But i guess your code is not working. Thw page doesnt work after modification..
  8. Hello ; After installation how can we be sure that our module is working? Thank you
  9. Hello. Thanks for this nice and usefull module. My problem is i cant moderate the module. I actually cannot find the moderator screen on facebook developers. I created the application and had an application ID. I made a comment and saw it on my wall. But i cant find how to find moderatator page. Thanks for your help
  10. Hello All; I wonder if there is a backlink module like the google sitemap module in Prestashop. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello Olea; Rocky and i did what you have suggested. We will see if it works. If sth is wrong , i will write back from here. If i dont write, it means no errors occured. Thank you indeed for your help. Murat
  12. Thanks for your feedback. I am not sure if the "order details not showing" is related to mailalert module but i want to try. Can you describe me how 2 do it? where is this ps_mailalert_customer_oos exactly? thanks
  13. Hello; I have upgraded from 1.2.5 to 1.4.2 with Rocky. I am suspicious about the COD with fee module too. Because it only appears during the cash on delivery type orders. and not all the time. only sometimes. Do you have any experience? thanks
  14. Hello; In prestashop 1.4.2 we still have the same problem. Most of the time it shows but if it is sold by cash on delivery by fee module, it doesnt show order details sometimes. Not all the time.. Anyone who has an idea? thx
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