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  1. ANYONE..?? hi I'm running PS and today I discovered that PS are generating a lot! of cache-files in the cachefs.folders - we´re talking 50-80.000 files in some folders. This is a huge problem since it´s gererates a heavy CPU usage on the host server and belive me, the server company are not happy with me...! When I manually delete a folder (takes a LOT of time via FTP) even a few seconds after, there´s 2-300 files in the folder already again, as something is looping.... In the resource panel, I can see it started the night between the 2-3 june and since, it has almost continuously maxed out the CPU usage. Now, since I don´t recall to have done anything in the Shop, exept adding a few products, I simply don´t know what has coused this problem, and since my hosting company don´t seem to know anything, you guys, are my only hope... Ps. I have tuned the shop in regards of performance as described here on the forum and the shop is running, but things are pretty slow... Thanx in advance. Wizart Denmark
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