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  1. Может и тупой совет, но всё-таки, проверьте на странице логина поставлена ли галочка на чекбоксе "remember me". Просто у меня так было и прошло. ))))
  2. Hello everybody! Found problem in the Social networking block. There are several social network URLs available in the back office of Social networking block. But Instagram and Vimeo links don't work, if be more accurate -their icons don't appear on the front office. I've tried to realize what happened and found this "bug" - there are no lines for "Instagan" and "Vimeo" in global.css file (lines 6963-6974). Code sample: .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.facebook a:before { content: "\f09a"; } .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.twitter a:before { content: "\f099"; } .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.rss a:before { content: "\f09e"; } .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.youtube a:before { content: "\f167"; } .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.google-plus a:before { content: "\f0d5"; } .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.pinterest a:before { content: "\f0d2"; } What should I type for fixing? I understand that I could copy and paste line, change name etc. But I don't know what "f0d5" and others "f0" mean. My coding knowledge is not perfect
  3. Доброго всем времени суток. PrestoShop ver. Вылезла такая проблема. Я на некоторые товары поставил скидку в размере 20.09%. Но когда этот товар добавляется в корзину, то значение процентной скидки меняется на 13%, 13.5% и пр. Причём, логики здесь нет абсолютно никакой, цифра меняется рандомно. Кто встречался с этим? Это лечится? Или же мне просто убрать показ процентной скидки в корзине и оставить только конечную цену товара. Если да, то как это можно сделать? Пример прилагаю.
  4. Hi everybody. PrestoShop ver. I have a problem in my shopping cart. I've setup discount of 20.09% for some product . This percentage rate is shown correctly in product pages, but in the shopping cart this rate magically switches to randomly amount, sometimes to 13%, sometimes to 13.5%. Why does it happen? Do I have any chance to fix it? Or would it be better to remove information of percentage discount from the shopping cart and leave only final price? Thanks for any suggestion.
  5. I've changed color value in the Product Attributes. And? No changes on the front page. But changes have appeared on the product page. Second issue. The quantity of color pickers on front page doesn't match the actual. For example. Product has three colors actually, but front page shows only two. Any ideas?
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