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  1. Did you manage to fix this?
  2. Can't get apple-touch-icon to work

    I also have the same problem It's OK when adding to the home screen, but not when adding to the safari favourites
  3. Product And Carrier Restrictions

    Thank you so much! I have been trying to solve this problem for days - looking at carrier selection etc This fixed it (Exactly the same problem - we ship some items to EU only and some worldwide - if someone selected an item that was EU only along with worldwide it would allow checkout - this fixed it) Very happy
  4. Not sure if you found the answer You could try modifying this code (or base on this) http://nemops.com/prestashop-carrier-disable-on-specific-days/#.We-BFhNSze1 it disables carriers on certain days - so changing to times shouldnt be too hard?
  5. Thanks - I don't have that module How did you discover it was shopgate?
  6. Hi we are also having similar - its when we have products which can not be shipped using certain carriers (rather than coming up with no carrier - it looks like this) Would you say it was the same thing? It also happened after updating to (from 1.5 - where all was OK) Was it only the database you restored - or some code too? (maybe i can compare the difference)
  7. Some of our products we sell to EU only and others worldwide This worked OK in 1.5 but in 1.6 if a EU and Non-EU product is selected then no-carrier name is displayed and the customer can order It is done by assigning carriers to products, and to zones and was working OK before Now, It creates 2 orders one with a correct carrier for the item they should have been able to order, and a 2nd order with blank carrier It should (as in 1.5) say no carriers deliver to your area Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for this - worked for me
  9. Thank you so much This fixed it for me (upgrading from to 1.6) Regards - Andrew http://brilliantbikes.co.uk
  10. OK - we are trying to get more product reviews to help customers make a better choice about what they are buying. We send an email asking for a review - but that just links back to the product (even though it contains the #new_comment_form as part of the link) That means that the customer has to click on "Write review" - it would be a lot better if it could load the page and automatically pop-up the fancybox form. For example: http://brilliantbikes.co.uk/brompton-brake-parts-and-cables/333-brompton-brake-pad-inserts.html#new_comment_form I'm pretty sure it's related to js - i can get productcomments.js to pop up a "hello world" message when the page loads - but not to pop open the comments form. (I use this code - not sure if it's the along the right lines) var hash = window.location.hash; if(hash == '#new_comment_form'){ alert( "Hello world" ); } Any help would be appreciated
  11. The link doesn't work - does the file exist Is the file 118x118 pixels (that's what we did and it works for us)