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  1. Bernad77 version has worked the best so far. Thanks dude for your contributions.
  2. I can confirm unlimitedgrain solution works. However in my case the id_page_type is 2. You need to find what is the correct id page type for "product" in ps_page_type.
  3. Also having the same problem. Has this been fixed that we aren't aware of?
  4. Hi guys. I'm trying to disable a carrier, Carrier A, whenever batteries are added to cart because airlines wouldn't accept them. This is working so far as long as the cart only contains batteries, which Carrier A would be normally disabled. At this point everything is working fine. However, when I added a non sensitive item to cart, Carrier A suddenly becomes available. Obviously this is a bug because it would force me to ship the batteries using Carrier A which I have not assigned it to. Can anyone point me in the right direction to edit the php file that is exhibiting this behaviour?
  5. Hi does anyone know if it's possible to do that using SQL Manager in BO? So if I have: 1 a 1 b 1 c 2 a 2 c 2 d I would like to get 1 a b c 2 a c d Same with multicolumn. if I have 1 a b c 1 d 2 e f g h 2 i j Would like to get 1 a b c d 2 e f g h i j Perhaps using the PIVOT command? Does Prestashop SQL Manager allow that? If not how would one go about typing out the syntax?
  6. Hmm I noticed this as well. However in database ps_warehouse_carrier the Carrier ID doesn't get updated, it remained as it were the first ID assigned. Is this how it's supposed to work?
  7. Actually you can import csv wholesale price into the ps_specific_price table in SQL. But yes your right there is no function to turn on visibility of specific price for products to say wholesale customers.
  8. Looking for an answer too. Anyone? Found a somewhat incomplete solution: inside price.tpl you have access to $employee object, so find the HTML code that contains wholesale price (there is <div class="form-group"> ... </div>) and wrap it in next condition: {if $employee->id_profile == 1} <div class="form-group"> ...html code... </div> {/if} where 1 it is Id for SuperAdmin profile by default. Anyone can help with a complete coding?
  9. You can't do multiple warehouses and suppliers in csv product import. I have tried all kinds of formats in the csv file it just wouldn't work. In the end I had to create a new csv file and import it from SQL at cpanel>phpmyadmin. Take note CSV import at SQL requires individual fields to have open and closed quotes. Excel alone can't do this so you will have to run some custom macro in VB for excel to export the correct format in CSV. For exporting excel to CSV with quotes by running a macro see link below: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/291296
  10. Follow this link to download the patch search.php to replace the one in your /classes folder. It works for me. Am on https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/509403-problem-in-indexing-rebuilding-search/?p=2269424
  11. I'm on 6.0.14 too and I have fixed the problem by replacing the search.php file with another one provided by the kind souls here. You may read this thread for more info: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/421756-blank-screen-when-adding-missing-products-to-index/ That thread attachment has expired so here I upload it again for anyone with the same problem. Search.php
  12. I too am confused about the UPTE in the Price Tab and Supplier Tab. They seem to be different thing yet share the same name.
  13. Can I replace the stock tpl files with this module instead? Don't want to redo my styles... As for the 0 at main category, I guess in product association page you can try to associate it with the main category as well other than its sub? I would like to know if the product counter is cached? Don't want to it to run everytime user goes to a new page.
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