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  1. Hey I created a new module CMSFields which are adding custom fields on the CMS Pages in the backoffice (Prestashop 1.7.6) using the Form builder. As 1.7.6 version don't support customization of AdminCMSController.php therefore I created the module. Now can we sort those fields so it goes little up than the default one ? Screenshot : https://prnt.sc/13yrw4v (I want those fields above Indexation by search engines) Can we sort them using Formbuilder ?
  2. Yes you can change the label from back office under translation.
  3. Add a handling charge , just go to Shipping>Shipping>Handling Charges.
  4. On prestashop 1.6, if someone adds VAT number upon registration & they are from another EU country then it removed the VAT from the order but it is not happening on Prestashop 1.7 version, it is not removing the VAT. Do you have any suggestions ? I tried turning off identification number for country but that is not working. Regards Sandeep
  5. Hi , did you enabled mobile theme in the Appearance -> themes if yes then a mobile folder is created automatically where you can code your own theme
  6. Hi Misthero Thanks for the module but I am dealing with an issue. we have 9-10 sliders for different products, 2-3 sliders from them suddenly stop working. I have recreate those slider again and again to make it work and after some days those slider will corrupt again. Below are the console errors I saw : http://babici.cc/en/home/227-mehndi-jersey.html
  7. Hi Anyone knows why order stat in back-end showing infinity symbol, its a problem from last week and we have sales too. I mean conversion rate and net profit per visit. Please see the screenshot and help.
  8. Hi Is it possible to extract all invoices between invoice id eg : #071735 - #071850 ?
  9. I think I must register on the old website to generate my unique password and then try to make password in the new platform so that it get validated.
  10. Hmm make sense , prestashop uses Cookie Key with MD5 salt to generate the password so we would need to write the similar code in the new platform while authentication..
  11. Hi I am moving customers to another platform so how can we move passwords as I know this is not possible to get exact passwords. please share your reviews , is their any method by which we can get customers passwords from database table otherwise we have to send emails with the new modified password.
  12. Hi Guys Is it possible to create supply order using any API or something because webservice only allows you only GET and HEAD as per the documentation. How can we create supply orders from a API/XML or something.. may be writing to the database any idea , please help ?
  13. Thanks shokinro, I removed the unwanted files from the server and now we have enough space and no issues now.
  14. Hi everyone I am working on a website with version After every 2-3 days, website breaks with 500 error so we have to give write permission to compile directory, I execute command on the server df- h to see the available space and we have 21G is left and 187G is utilized so do you think will this be an issue with the server space or correct file permission ? please guys just need a suggestion , do we need to buy more space or file permissions are wrong ?
  15. Hello I created an analytics module and want analytics to show data on dasboard but my iframe does not show anything, iframe tag is there but no content. Allow iframe is ticked to yes in the Preferences, isCleanhtml is true in validate.php ... anything else please help ?
  16. @Luca, SPF, dkim and reverse DNS records are fine confirmed.
  17. Hi Rictools, Can you name few of the modules ? I am also thinking to own a separate mail hosting server to send emails but I am still not sure if that work.
  18. Hello All Please help me to resolve the below issue. Issue : Order Confirmation and all other mails going to SPAM in Gmail. I have few gmail accounts in which emails arrives in Inbox and few accounts where email arrives in Spam. I do not marked those as not spam in Spam folder, Is there any kind of Prestashop settings or something I am forgetting. I tried new SMTP details, I have changed store contact similar to smtp contact detail but no luck ..still going to spam for some accounts. Please help me to resolve this case, I would really appreciate.Waiting for your reviews.
  19. Any help please or may be a javascript alert for message on install like uninstall does ( Are you sure you want to uninstall ? ) or can I use anchor tag within Module description in back-end ?
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