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  1. Update - I think I may have won this round - so perhaps what follows might help someone else facing a similar issue: I took the full script tag ==> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.avir.ir/image/favicon.js"></script> and base64_encoded it which revealed this => PHNjcmlwdCB0eXBlPSJ0ZXh0L2phdmFzY3JpcHQiIHNyYz0iaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYXZpci5pci9pbWFnZS9mYXZpY29uLmpzIj48L3NjcmlwdD4= I scanned all files on the server for that string and found one further file which seemed to contain the offensive code in /controllers/front/ParentOrderController.php Replacing that file with a clean copy seemed to have done the trick. Hope this helps someone else... Cheers
  2. I have exactly the same issue on PS version. I've cleaned the files mentioned in this thread but the offending JS code still appears. I uploaded clean files from the same version of PS. Still the problem exists. <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.avir.ir/image/favicon.js"></script> definitely seems dynamically created / loaded as it does not appear in the themes header or footer tpl files. I've also looked in other tpl files just in case but no luck. Has anyone had success in removing the offending code - and its source to prevent re-infection, if so how? Please share as it would be really helpful to me - and no doubt others as this seems to be an exploit being run against PS in particular. I haven't come across similar threads or articles in relation to other e-commerce software. A scan against a backup of the db files did not reveal any reference to "avir" or "avir.ir" or the base64_encoded string. I am desperate for a solution if anyone has further ideas / insights. Many thanks!
  3. Hi PS If I use the BO DB Backup tool I get a sql file of about 2.5Mb however when I do a database backup via cPanel (using the native cpanel db backup tool) the same database (gzipped) is about 18MB and when I export the same database via PHPMyAdmin (Export) it's nearly 80MB Granted, when I did the PHPMyAdmin I may not have compressed the file - but the difference in database size between the Prestashop generated backup and the other methods is MASSIVE. I'm now not sure: 1) Why; & 2) Which DB backup I should trust? The PS native one? The cPanel one? The one generated by export through PHPMyAdmin? Any thoughts, comments, advice appreciated. I know how vital DB Backups are so I want to understand fully so I can get it right and sleep at night! ;-) Thanks as always.
  4. Thanks Nemo - you remain a superstar! All the best for 2016!
  5. Hi Very useful thread! Thanks Bellini13 for the script! Will it work with PS v as well? Thank you.
  6. This article from TemplateMonster http://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-1-6-x-how-to-clear-smarty-cache.html#prettyPhoto would seem to suggest that it is safe to delete the contents of: cache/smarty/compile cache/smarty/cache img/tmp Delete all the files in the folders, except of index.php. I mean no disrespect to them - but I was hoping for independent confirmation that deleting those files and sub-folders is indeed harmless & I would like to understand the implications - in other words are these files and folders dynamically re-created when re-enabling the cache feature in Prestashop (v If not - what do I lose and what would break functionality-wise if I deleted them? I suspect an FTP download (for backup purposes) of all the other files - once those files and folders have been deleted - would be much quicker and save space too. Thanks in advance for your input / feedback.
  7. Hi When doing a complete backup of the PS files (via FileZilla) can I exclude this folder and its sub-folders? /cache/smarty ? Seems to contain a lot of tiny files and folders that take a VERY long time to download. Perhaps I should have cleared the cache first (Advanced Parameters >> Performance >> Clear Cache)? Your input appreciated! Kind regards
  8. Excellent Question! I'm with you guys on this - I would also like to know why PS doesn't sum the price of all the individual items (as a default selling price) Sure, packs may have their own unique selling price - so I should be able to stipulate a unique price for the pack but it should (by default) calculate the cost and retail price by adding together the respective products cost and retail prices. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks
  9. Bump. Anyone have any experience using Prestashop in a retail store as described above? Comments, experiences appreciated!
  10. This thread may be useful to you >> https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/21404-solved-remove-birthday-option/?hl=%2Bremove+%2Bbirthday&do=findComment&comment=2093387 Hope it helps.
  11. Hi Everyone I'm looking for some input / guidance on a question in principle. If you were going to open a retail (real-world) store after opening an online store would you consider using Prestashop for the retail store as well - or would you set up an independant traditional POS & Inventory management system for the retail store? I'm curious because Prestashop is not natively suited to handling POS customers at a till as you would experience in a traditional retail store. Yes I know there are modules that extend the PS functionality - but how well does it work in reality? I'm also somewhat concerned with the lack of native reporting in Prestashop - a retail store requires fairly robust reporting. EG: Cash float (till) recon, integration to 'offline' credit card terminals, daily stock movements etc. Furthermore a retail store requires the printing of barcode labels for the products so that checkout at the till can be dealt with quickly and efficiently (prices, discounts, reduction of inventory etc) - not to mention receipt slips etc I see Prestashop does provide for barcodes in their products - but creating and printing barcode labels (Descr, Price, Barcode) etc isn't supported - as it would be in a traditional retail POS and Inventory Management system. I like the idea of consolidating both the retail and ecommerce store using just Prestashop - I can see many advantages, I'm just not sure if Prestashop is sufficiently suited to the retail market? I'm certain there are dozens of other considerations so I would be interested in getting your feedback - especially if you run both an online as well as a retail store using just Prestashop to manage both. Thanks in advance for your time, input, comments and suggestions! Warm regards
  12. Hi Everyone How would I create a product that can be viewed online - but can only be bought in the retail store? It may sound like a crazy question - but PS contemplates being used in an offline as well as in an online (eCommerce) environment - I say this because in product creation on the 'Information' tab there is a checkbox that reads: 'Online only (not sold in your retail store)' So I can set a product to only be available online.(not in the retail store) - but how do I achieve the exact opposite? Make it only available in the retail store and not online? Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  13. Thanks Razaro - that would be very helpful Reporting in general seems to be a bit of an issue with Prestashop (unless you are a mySql [spam-filter] I guess) But having many products and not being able to identify which ones haven't sold in 'x' time period (or have never sold at all) makes it hard to implement proper controls over ones store. Looking forward to what you might come up with! Kind regards
  14. Hi Puffdade Thanks for your contribution and comment. I had exactly the same reservations - how would a substantially cheaper add-on work or would I simply be wasting my time and money. You seem to have cleared that up rather emphatically - and without wishing to derail this thread may I ask what you use to create (and then scan) your retail products bar codes and labels? (having sold 12 000 items I'm assuming you are using bar codes and scanners, rather than manually entering products at the PoS screen). I would appreciate your further insights and comments please. Kind regards, Dieter
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