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  1. But not all the type has all the colour, if i select a type without the color black, it will still be there. So there is no way to come out with the thing that I want in the screenshot above?
  2. Is that function available in prestashop or should i find a plugin for that? Can't seem to find any solution for this
  3. I think I configured them correctly, the materials are all in different attributes: Attribute 1: Nylon - (Black, White, Yellow) Attribute 2: Metal - (Black, White, Green, Yellow) I want that the user can only select 1 attribute at a time but currently, all the attributes are default selected with 1 attribute. An example of the combination table is in the attachment.
  4. Heres the site URL: http://test.krafeon.com.my/ Heres the link to the product: http://test.krafeon.com.my/en/home/20-buckyball-pencil-holder.html#/detail_plastic_uv_cu-black/metallic_plastic_alu-polished_finishing/nylon_polyamide-blue_polished_finish I've also included a screenshot of the combinations from back office.
  5. I have 3 main attributes, UV, Nylon and Metallic. I've tried putting 1 attribute in 1 combination, 2 attribute in 1 combination. Both the methods also select all of the attributes by default.
  6. Through product combination, is there another way to do that? So that I can categorise and have only 1 selectable option.
  7. As illustrated in the screenshot, there are 3 attributes (Nylon, UV and Metallic), all 3 with different color variations. How can i make that the user can only select one from the 3? Now by default its all selected, i've tried combinations and it doesn't seem to be working. Really need some input on this. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have created a custom menu for prestashop and made Dashboard the parent, later on I deleted it, and created the same menu with the same class and name and made Home the parent. However, the menu is now categorized in the Dashboard (with class name) as well as home (normal title name). Is there anything i missed out or need to be deleted? Using PS1.6.0.5 Thanks.
  9. Still having problems with the email sending...anyone can help?
  10. any help? i still can't find any solution for this...
  11. Upon clicking on that in the image below, how can i set the url? I would like it to point to the product page in back office, or disabling it so it cannot be clicked? Is it possible? PS ver Thanks in advance.
  12. Okay sry i've already opened up a new thread. I'm using ps, can't seem to locate the templates.
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