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  1. ndiaga's post in Get all products and properties from Prestashop 1.7 was marked as the answer   
    You can call it anywhere this function is  static.
    Just use the right parameters for :  
    $id_lang, $start, $limit, $order_by, $order_way, $id_category = false, $only_active = false, Context $context = null here is how it should be applied
    $id_lang=(int)Context::getContext()->language->id; $start=0; $limit=100; $order_by='id_product'; $order_way='DESC'; $id_category = false; $only_active =true; $context = null; $all_products=Product::getProducts($id_lang, $start, $limit, $order_by, $order_way, $id_category, $only_active , $context );  
  2. ndiaga's post in how to display the number of items in a cart in the header was marked as the answer   
    Add it in the place you need, like  themes/your_theme_name/modules/blockcart/   
    search a template.
    Or any other module that is  hooked to displayNav .
  3. ndiaga's post in saving the host information when the order is completed was marked as the answer   
    Customer's data should be saved at first and then the order can be performed.
    You can use a validation step during the registration. 
    Email validation, sms phone validation etc.
  4. ndiaga's post in Fichier template d'un module was marked as the answer   
    Vous voulez dire plutot   monmodule/views/templates/front/module.tpl    .
    Si ces elements sont la c'est qu'ils appartiennent aux colonnes.
    Vous pouvez desactiver les colonnes depuis le front controller  de votre module  comme suit:
    $this->display_column_left =false; $this->display_column_right =false; //notez bien avant parent::initContent(); parent::initContent();  
  5. ndiaga's post in Having suppliers link to a custom page instead of a list of their products was marked as the answer   
    You have to retrieve details you whant in that same page where products are listed.
    It would be simpler.
  6. ndiaga's post in Simple request, can't solve it though (modules setup) was marked as the answer   
    Go to the  BO>  Modules & Services> Positions and unhook those modules you listed one by one.
    But you will the module homefeatured in order to have some products listed in your homepage.
    If you don't know how to unhook modules just desable or uninstall them from BO> Modules & Sevices serache for the one you want by puting its name .
  7. ndiaga's post in A module that manages the volume weight also only weight too was marked as the answer   
    I think, you will need a custom development, you are not the only one looking for this feature.
    I was planning to develop a module with these requirements,  except of course for the quote system.
  8. ndiaga's post in Module that shows details of logged in customer (SIMPLE) was marked as the answer   
    Use the id_order to retrive customer data.
    $id_order=(int)Tools::getValue('id_order'); $order=new Order($id_customer); $id_customer=$order->id_customer; $customer=new Customer($id_customer); //and use the object $customer to get what you wish to show.
  9. ndiaga's post in Plus accès was marked as the answer   
    Allez dans le dossier :  config/defines.inc.php   ouvrez le ficher : defines.inc.php
    et changer le false a true, comme ici:
    /* Debug only */ define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);  Vous allez pouvoir savoir ce qui se passe.
  10. ndiaga's post in Theme for 1.6 was marked as the answer   
    I think you will need a fresh installation of 1.6 again and delete the 1.7 if you don't have any important data yet.
  11. ndiaga's post in Help! - Need to remove something from website but can not find where was marked as the answer   
    Ok, send the your FTP credentials in private and I will take a look.
  12. ndiaga's post in Modules panel not showing was marked as the answer   
    It's the module paypal, I think the version you are trying to upgrade to is not compatible with your 1.5 version.
    The variable lenght is greather than allowed size.
  13. ndiaga's post in Limiter l'accès d'un employé back office à certaines commandes client was marked as the answer   
    Jeter un coup d'oeil ici dabord:  http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Profile+permissions
    Il y'a ce module aussi :  https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/3466-product-owner.html  
    Si non nous pouvons proposer une solution .
  14. ndiaga's post in Obtain products information from order confirmation page. was marked as the answer   
    If you have the order id it's easy. Use this built in functions instead of queries.
    $id_order=(int)Tools::getValue('id_order'); $order = new Order($id_order); $products = $order->getProducts(); //and now you have all you need : //product IDs : id_product //product name: name //price: price //quantity: quantity //etc etc.
  15. ndiaga's post in Lister les fabricants sur une carte ? was marked as the answer   
    Vous pouvez l'API de Google map en vous inspirant du module blockstore locations.
  16. ndiaga's post in Group auto by registration was marked as the answer   
    You can add custom fields to allow your customers to fill it during registration process or after registration process.
    We can help you if you want.
  17. ndiaga's post in création d'un client par le backoffice [RESOLU] was marked as the answer   
    Pourquoi recevoir de mail de confirmation si la personne concernée, c'est a dire vous, a déja   reçu   la confirmation
    que le compte a été crée.Il faut envoyer un mail au client manuellement ou passer par d'autres 
    back office modules s'il existent pour l'automatisation des envois.
  18. ndiaga's post in Looking for a "product guide" shop function was marked as the answer   
    All you need is to create categories and organize them the way you want and buy default you can use blocklayered filter or a module like
    You can do it with vanilla PrestaShop.
  19. ndiaga's post in Options dynamique dans panier selon produits choisi par le client was marked as the answer   
    Essayer avec ce module, Attribute Wizard Pro
  20. ndiaga's post in Find where are save the generated PDF Invoices was marked as the answer   
    Invoices are generated from the pdf templates that you can find in ./pdf folder.
    But the .pdf files are not saved in the server.
    Like category pages or product pages it's dynamic.
    You can open them with your browser and save them in your computer but not in the server.
  21. ndiaga's post in recherche module de recherche was marked as the answer   
    Vous l'avez deja.
    Module Personnalisation bloc navigation à facette - blocklayered
    il faut chercher sur la liste de vos modules, il faut choisir prestashop comme auteur et modules non installes 
    pour le filtre. Ou taper simple blocklayered  dans la barre de recherche.
  22. ndiaga's post in Installing data base with phpmyadmin was marked as the answer   
    You can easily install PrestaShop in Windows with Wamp server.
    www-date is the user, the Prestashop installer. You should give permissions to write.
    set 755 recursive for the root folder of your installation.
  23. ndiaga's post in Erreur installation d'un module override was marked as the answer   
    il faut supprimer   class_index.php  encore. depuis cache folder.
  24. ndiaga's post in Probleme transfert et base de donnée was marked as the answer   
    Pour cette  erreur : Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'xxxxxx0'@'localhost' (using password: YES) 
    vous n'avez pas bien renseigne les donnees de la nouvelles base dans confing/settings.inc.php
    Voir code suivant:
    <?php define('_DB_SERVER_', 'host_name'); define('_DB_NAME_', 'base_name'); define('_DB_USER_', 'user_name'); define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'password');   
  25. ndiaga's post in How to turn off the Left Column on the Products-Comparison page? was marked as the answer   
    Go to Modules--> Positions edit the corresponding hook and add that page as an exception.
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