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  1. Bonjour, Il faut voir les modules accrochés sur votre footer. Vous pouvez ajouter ces images sur un parmi eux. Il y'a néanmoins des modules spécialisés comme celui ci :
  2. Hi, You can use your phone to read the barcode , there many apps for Android or iOS that you can use. For the technical part you just need to send the data to the right back end service to talk to PrestaShop database.
  3. Hi, Here is a module you can use it was for that purpose :
  4. Bonjour, Il y'a ce tutorial qui traite cet exemple : https://blog.prestatuts.com/prestashop-desable-product-combinations-when-out-of-stock/
  5. You have the add to cart here : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1017066-module-favorite-products-pro-for-prestashop-17/
  6. I build a similar module for a client. Please see the demo from here : http://demo17.prestatuts.com/fr/module/ns_productdesigner/customize?id_product=1&id_product_attribute=1&id_customization=1
  7. Hi, I think you have taxes based on location, mainly based on country , state etc.
  8. Hi, You will always need a further customization even with the best marketplace module.
  9. Hi, I think you just don't organize well the combinations. 75= 3*25 so don't enter a quantity of 25 for each but enter the real physical quantity you have in stock.
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