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  1. The directory name is ./modules in the root of your installation.
  2. Hi, Then unzip it and use your FTP.
  3. Did you search for ps_emailalerts ? But the module is here anyway : ps_emailalerts.zip
  4. Bonjour, Qui vous avez créer ce code? Il faut le lui signaler.
  5. Hi, Did you install and activate the Mail Alert module?
  6. Hi, Read the official documentation : https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/modules/concepts/controllers/front-controllers/
  7. Hi, Yes but it is a very long process not easy to tell. You can implement it in the newsletter module. You will need to create a new front controller inside that module for the redirection etc.
  8. Hi, Use your FTP and rename the module folder to : anthorizedotnet_OLD
  9. Hi, It is related to a core PrestaShop module that is calling the https://api-addons.prestashop.com website. It is normal since that website was down.
  10. Hi, The error is comming from the module : authorizedotnet . Just desactivate it and try to fix the big later.
  11. Hi, You can just share the database credentials and create a condition that will Dispatch the shop URLs.
  12. Hi, I think you can create that link and add it to the email message.
  13. Bonjour, Oui il une condition comme celle ci : {assign var=customer value=Context::getContext()->customer} {if $customer->logged && customer->id==3} <!--- Montrer le prix---> {/if}
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