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  1. No, it gave us a lot of headache and then we gave up of using the stock management.
  2. I have couple of products that cost $65 and with voucher their price should drop for $10 I tried to set fixed amount discount of $10 and it worked, but if I have for example 4 product, it still reduces for $10 (instead $40) If I go with percent option applied to the group of selected products, it also worked, but since it rounds my discount on 2 decimal places (instead of -15.38461538331361%, gives 15.38%), I'm getting the error if I add 3 or more products (ie 29.99 instead of $30) Do you know how to create the voucher which will reduce $10 on every single (selected) product in the cart? It sounds so easy, but I really can't find that option.
  3. Any updates on this maybe? I'm having the same issue. People are getting randomly increased price on the final screen of the checkout. This appeared couple of times in last 4-5 months and it's always on PayPal checkout. Charged price, price on the invoice and the price on the checkout are fine. Just the one that shows up on the final page.
  4. Any luck on this? I'm using and found that stock updates only if I add supply order in the default currency (GBP). But if I add in USD or EUR nothing changes.
  5. I had the same problem and finally realised it's because I ticked at some stage Invoice option. After deactivating it, I'm not getting the blank page anymore
  6. Hi, I set Fedex module and it works properly if I order up to 3 products. For example, I created a test object and these are results I get if my cart has: 1 product: http://i.imgur.com/KYialam.gif 2 products: http://i.imgur.com/DG0d1WF.gif 3 products: http://i.imgur.com/Jhglnpj.gif As you can see, the prices are being calculated properly. But once I add one more product, The most expensive option (First Overnight) becomes the cheapest one with the price of just $2 4 products: http://i.imgur.com/SFIfqaK.gif As I keep adding more products to the cart, the most expensive options become the cheapest option: 5 products: http://i.imgur.com/ued8WLR.gif 6 products: http://i.imgur.com/fFsyPy6.gif 7 products: http://i.imgur.com/wfZfuQ2.gif 8 products: http://i.imgur.com/FrmZrbI.gif and so on.... Once I reach 13 products, all shipping options get ridiculously low prices: http://i.imgur.com/fnuiz58.gif I tried with other products, I tried with different variations of the product weight, size, price and it didn't work. Prestashop Fedex module
  7. Any updates on this? The orders are still being split even if you have disabled "Delayed Shipping" - Prestashop
  8. We have enabled advanced stock management on our platform and also 4 different warehouses set in it. Is there any option to prioritise a warehouse when someone buys a product? At the moment, I can't find any logic behind it. Sometimes a product is being shipped from one warehouse, sometimes from another. So is it possible to make one warehouse priority until, for example, its stocks run out so the orders will automatically switch to another warehouse?
  9. Did you have luck with this? I'm looking for the same module but beside Events Manager module I couldn't find anything else. Unfortunately that one isn't good enough for us.
  10. Same thing happened in my case. I changed it in the end to 0.0001 and it's working now. Prestashop
  11. Is it possible to send customer service message (Customers > Customer Service) with an attachment?
  12. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I want to have more detailed profile settings. If I allow Orders now, the user will be able to do anything with an order, but I want to limit some functionalities without restricting it completely.
  13. Is it possible to tweak somehow employees' permissions? For example, I want to allow some users to be able to change the order status, but I don't want to allow them to edit the order.
  14. Yeap, that's true... Messages show in desc. order by date, but if you send couple of messages during the day they will be shown in a random order. Is it possible to sort them in chronological order - by date and time?
  15. I tested hoplajetzt's version in Prestashop without any return array_merge fixes and it's working fine. Is there any way to display timestamp and sort by it? Thanks
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