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  1. Hi, my mistake, please dismiss this noise. I was given this "fresh installation" , but actually only the files are from ps1.5.4.1, the database was upgrade from a ps1.4.10 and found out that there were some things in the database preventing this controller to run properly. Regards Hugh.
  2. No, this is a fresh install, strange thing I got this error only when I access this option. Is there any way to show additional error/warning messages for this exception besides setting display_error to on. Thanks Hugh
  3. Hi, Just checked that, I have a file AdminCarriersController.php, is that the file you are mentioning ? Thanks Hugh
  4. Hi, Could anybody give some hints on this ? I am testing locally prestashop and I guess this error accessing the carrier menu from BO. Thanks Hugh
  5. Obrigado pelo modulo, funciona perfeitamente no prestashop
  6. The author has discontinued this module, anyone here willing to join forces with me to port it to ps1.5.4 ? I am looking forward to hearing from you Hugo
  7. I have it working for ps1.4.9 and managed to upgrade the module to work with ps1.4.10, if you are interested just drop a line Regards Hugo
  8. Hi, Did you find a solution for this issue ? I am having the same problem with ps1.4.9.0 and paypal v3.0.9 Regards Hugo
  9. I wrote a piece of code that tracks customers attemps to login their accounts, the module "uses" prestashop beforeAuthentication and authentication hooks. Is there any hook available in BO that I can use to adapt the module ? I am looking forward to hearing from you Regards Hugo Takada
  10. Is there a way to get more detailed information why a module was not installed ?? like "parent::install failed" hook RRRR failed , etc Regards Hugo Takada
  11. Yes you are right, that's why I overrode that method, look at override/pdf.php
  12. You should enable error display in your site to see what errors you have edit config.inc.php in /yourprestashopinstall/config/
  13. what do you mean by "I didnt have to override..." ??
  14. Refer to post #126 I can't send my files because I have many other customization that would break your installation.
  15. I have it working on ps1.4.9.0 following steps provided here , please follow again carefully you must have missed something
  16. hi, i read once here that ps 1.5 is going to use tcpdf instead of fpdf to give full support for utf8, where can i configure that to show japanese characters in my invoices regards Hugo
  17. Hi, Found this in CartCore.php and I would like to know what they mean , specially #2 , #3 and #4 #1 const ONLY_PRODUCTS = 1; I think this is clear, only cost of products #2 const ONLY_DISCOUNTS = 2; this is vouchers only ? or specific_prices are inlcuded ? #3 const BOTH = 3; this one is products - discounts ?? #4 const BOTH_WITHOUT_SHIPPING = 4; #3 without shipping ? #5 const ONLY_SHIPPING = 5; clear #6 const ONLY_WRAPPING = 6; clear #7 const ONLY_PRODUCTS_WITHOUT_SHIPPING = 7; clear #8 const ONLY_PHYSICAL_PRODUCTS_WITHOUT_SHIPPING = 8; clear I am looking forward to haring from you
  18. Hi, I reported a bug in this module some time ago, it seems the bug is still there since I downloaded the latest files and have the same problem I had time ago. This time I have prestashop, please see post# 302 Regards
  19. Hi, Once this was enabled , is there any way to go back to the legacy image filesystem and restore the images moved to the new file system ? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Hugo
  20. in your product tamplate use $lang_iso attribute to build the image file name like : <img src="file/path/to/{$lang_iso}-image.jpg"/.... I think that will do the job. ps. of course you will have to provide the images for each language
  21. For test purposes I just upgraded the shop from ps1.4.0.17 to ps1.4.8.2, the customer page takes 38.761sec to load when customer has 86 orders , 227 products and 86 carts. VPS Configuration is: - Dedicated CPU 5.4ghz - Dedicated RAM 3896MB - Storage 90GB It would be nice to load just, let's say the last , 10 orders/products/carts and let the user choose if he/she wants to load/see the rest of the information in order to speed the customer page load. Regards Hugo
  22. Hello, I am using ps and enabling memcached causes some problems , for instance, in the modules page, when I click configure(specifically this module: onepagecheckout) instead of taking me to the configuration page it displays the message "module successfully uninstalled", to be able to configure the module I have to disable memcache , but something to take into account is that if I do not add any server (just enable memcached) those erros I mentioned does not occur . anybody knows if these bugs were solved in newer versions of ps ?
  23. Mike, Thanks for your prompt reply. Could you possible point the files needed to be modified ? I am looking forward to hearing from you Regards, Hugo
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