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  1. Hi, I'm not really sure if my problem is related to this topic. I having problem with my AdminProductsController.php file. where after I edited the file even with a single space, the page goes blank after I press the save button in my product detail page. Anyone can help??
  2. Hi, I having a problem after adding a new column to my product list. I'm using prestashop For the new column, I edited the AdminProductsController.php file and I manage to get the column that I want, but then I realise that after save new product details, my screen goes blank, reload page will give same blank page and I need to go back one page for the product list page. I figured that my AdminProductsController.php file cannot be edited, even a space added to the file will cause the same blank space after save new product detail. Only when I inserted the original file that i didn't encountered the blank page. Hope you can help with my problem. Thank You.
  3. Hi...i would like to modify the available quantity column for the product table in the order detail. Can you help on which file should i edit to do so. Please. Your help is very appreciable. Thanks.
  4. Hi claybourg, have you find the solution for this problem. i would be very thankful if you could help me cause i'm facing the same problem with my delivery number.
  5. Hi webkod, may i know where to find the ps_configuration in DB. I'm still new with prestashop. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am also facing the same problem with my delivery number. It does not follow the delivery number that i have set. Could anyone give solution or idea on how to solve this problem. Thanks.
  7. my delivery slip number is different with the delivery number i have set in the back office. Anyone can help?
  8. hi, i'm facing the same problem with my footer for invoice which i need to add more info into it but the footer height is too small. so, do you find the solution to increase the footer height for invoice? thanks in advance.
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