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  1. hello, i have one question. I want to creat a new box like the information box. I would like put into this box other links. Is this include the prestashop or is this a new addon where i must download? Or can i do in the information box hyphens? Thank you
  2. Good day, I just wanted to install prestashop. My hoster server4you. But when I install it just come a white page. Nothing: D i've downloaded prestashop and have the folders where the folder prestashop had moved into my webspace. Then I enter http://www.domain.de/install'>http://www.domain.de/install in my webbrowser but just a white screen It's nothing at http://www.domain.de or http://www.domain.de/index.php or http://www.domain.de/install'>http://www.domain.de/install/index.php Does anyone know why this might be so but what I've done wrong Thanks for helping
  3. Guten tag, ich wollte gerade prestashop installieren beim hoster server4you. Aber wenn ich es installiere komm einfach eine weiße seite. Also nichts Hab prestashop gedownloadet und hab die ordners wo im prestashop ordner waren in mein webspace gezogen. Dann www.domain.de/install eingeben aber einfach nur ein weißer Bildschirm es passiert auch nichts bei www.domain.de oder www.domain.de/index.php oder www.domain.de/install/index.php Weiß einer woran das liegen könnte vielleicht hab ich ja doch was falsch gemacht
  4. Here the German error: "Dieses Land setzt eine Bundeslandauswahl voraus" Here the english error: "this country require a state selection"
  5. Meine erste frage: Wenn sich einer aus Deutschland bei mir registriert dann steht das man muss eine Region aus diesem lang angeben aber man kann das nicht machen wo soll man das angeben da steht nirgendswo was und kann man das vll weg machen das das nicht mehr da steht kein mensch kann sich nun registrieren. Meine zweite Frage: Ich benutze Prestashop auf SERVER4YOU (http://server4you.de) Der Webhoster. Nun läd bei mir prestashop so ewig lange... http://epicworld.eu Vielen Dank!!
  6. Hello, my first question: Hi, I’m from Germany and I have shop one but if want to register users and Germany indicate stands as a error message “There must be a regions will be given to this country,” how can I make this that no-longer occurs or you can enter it there is no field exists where you can do that. Many thanks for your help my second question: Hey i user prestashop on server4you (http://server4you.de) the Webhoster. But this site load very slowly what is this??? http://epicworld.eu Thank you!!!!
  7. ??? Can you help me please with this ^^ What must i write in blockinfos.tpl ? And this with livezilla???? Html box modul i can make html boxes ^^
  8. is this a modul, or must i make this in the index ??
  9. Have you a idee? And i will make a Livezilla button for livesupport can i make this too? On the right site.
  10. mhmm i will make this on th info box? Or in the footer
  11. Hello, i have a question. Can i make a extern link for my forum and make this of my start page ????
  12. gut danke^^ ( offtopic: du benutzt das gleiche programm wie ich bei server4you myphpadmin)
  13. oh thank you very much, you hav help me by my 3 problems^^ i learning prestashop every day better!^^
  14. Here a pic, i meen this the special ^^
  15. Ok to the 2. Question : I will make special orders but i dont know how? To the 3. Question: Ok can i delet the powered with PrestaShop™ in the e-Mails? ^^
  16. Hello I have 3 Question. 1: Can i delet this in the footer (look at the pic) The shop name and the E-Mail? 2: How i can make special orders?? 3: Can I delet by the e-Mail "powered with PrestaShop™" ? Thank you for your answer MfG Epic World
  17. More pics: Please help me =( O.o Its only in lagunge german Ich denke das ist so weil aufeinmal die schrift so groß ist?? Wie kann ich die wieder kleiner machen?
  18. have a people the same problem? Or can a people please help me ? ^^
  19. hello when I go to orders of then is a part of that goes through the basket here, a photo of my problems. Auserd I wanted to ask how can you direct debit after the request again the data for the bank via wire transfer? [sOLVED] I have reinstall the lang pack !! Very simple xD
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