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  1. I assume you're going to be starting some sort of business / online store as you're asking on PrestaShop's forum. Do you really want to host on a provider that has a much higher chance of going down (overloaded servers, lack of support etc)? Especially considering web hosting can go as low as $5 per month these days. And in some cases such as ourselves, that includes a free domain name.
  2. We offer hosting services in Hong Kong and accept Alipay without any issues. Not sure what you read but it isn't an issue for us. What kind of hosting are you looking for (shared, VPS etc)?
  3. Some hosting providers will allow you to automatically install PrestaShop be it via Softaculous or even directly in their order forms (like: http://www.arvixe.com/prestashop_hosting). Have you considered trying that?
  4. If the links are not working you should disable any 'search engine friendly URL' options returning to the defaults. Can you paste the contents of your .htaccess here so we can take a look at what might be causing any issues? Better fix the issue there as opposed to disabling friendly URLs.
  5. Some providers will actually allow you to select which version is enabled on your account from 5.2 up to 5.3 so check if your provider has anything like that. Also consider importing your PrestaShop into Softaculous as that should be able to upgrade you to the latest version (though ensure you have backups).
  6. Looking at your website it would appear this has now been resolved? Might be an idea to share the fix for others who are also experiencing the same issues.
  7. On the link provided I am seeing a 500 internal server error. I'd recommend contacting your hosting provider asking if they can check the logs (if you're unable to do so) so you can find exactly what the issue is as they should be willing to do this for you.
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