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  1. Hi! I have about 500 products in my shop. Now i want to add a new attribute to all existing products. How can i do it simply for all ? If i have to do it for every single product it will take a lot of time. Thanks ! https://case4you.bg/
  2. Till yesterday everything was ok. I recieved lots of purchses with uploaded images. But now there is a failure. And you can upload only a small image - about 100kb. I checked the preferences - >image settings but everything is ok. Alos i checked administration ->preferences ->upload quota - also everrything is ok. Any suggestion? Thanks https://case4you.bg/samsung/19-samsung-galaxy-s5.html
  3. Thank you for the quick answer but do not understand what can I do to fix my problem.
  4. Hello! When liking a product with the Facebook button on my picture out of the logo instead of the product. Reinstalled the store v. of v. after installing .sql your file store reappear same problem. Can you give me guidance on where the problem is and how to fix it. Thank you ante. I put a screen shot. This is a link to the store. https://case4you.bg
  5. Hi Is it possible to place a picture instead of the text on the new connection
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