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  1. Vekia this presta sms is providing the module based on their sms gateway,we all want to make the midule to work with our local sms service provider, because its around 10 times cheaper than international sms fees. Is it possible?
  2. Hi We want to issue pvc cards to pre register users of a corporation in our website, for sure we have not their email address or even their names. Username format will be "1234567890987654" 16digits, and password will be last 5 or 6 digit of this 16 digit string. Ps works with email address instead of username, how can i use either user id or email address field for user login. For sure i also need to add username field in whole website registration form, i mean both fields, username and email, an customer can login with any of them. Also an option to force these customers, complete profile details, before first order, after first login. Regards
  3. hi vekia sorry for late answer, i have done what u said, then cleared the cash, but nothing change in front page.my template is RTL (
  4. Vekia, because of problem and lack of time i restored back up of my host from server.now its solved.
  5. i have marked the menu i want in index i wish it helps
  6. plz go directly to website and hit any of top menu root categories, a vertical menu is shown on the right side.
  7. still shows same 100x100 not 250x250 i changed browser,computer,and network connection!
  8. Using 1.6 U can see menu in this page, its in persian, menu in right side. daymart[.]ir/14-%D8%AA%D9%84%D9%81%D9%86-%D9%88-%D8%AA%D9%84%D9%81%D9%86-%D9%87%D9%85%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%87 I want it in index page also Thank you
  9. Hi I want to have exact default vertical menu of prestashop as it can be seen in other pages, to be shown in my frontpage index.how can i configure? Im new to prestashop please explain very basic. Thank you
  10. Hi Iam using 1.6 I went to admin/setting/image setting and changed home_default 250x250 to 100x100 In front, it dosent look good, so i changed it back to 250x250 and as explained i recreated all thumbnails. But it dosent show in front, still shows 100x100, how can i roll back this setting.whats wrong? Thank you
  11. U r right, sorry for my mistake, they exist as you say, now can u please tell me how to change them all toghether? They are all set on 00.00.00 00:00 but they have update date and time, just one field need to be changed in 500 rows!
  12. Table exist, but no such field in whole database!unfortunatly! Plz help
  13. فایل را ارسال کردم اما قبلا ایمپورت کردم و همه چیز درست کار می کنه. نمیتونم ویرایش کنم.الان قصد وارد سازی ندارم
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