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  1. Dear Community, We´re currently experiencing problems while uploading several pictures at once with prestashop. Our server often has serious performance problems for several minutes when we upload several pictures for our categories within a short period. I attached a screenshot with all the sql commands that have been running in a period where we´ve encountered this kind of problem. Apparently the operations that affect the temporary tables cause this kind of performance problem. I guess I´ve to add that we have 60k+ articles and more than 2k categories in our shop and so the temporary tables get pretty large. But I dont see any solution to reduce the size of the temporary tables or to upload the pictures of our existing categories faster or in another way. Has anyone encounter the same problem yet and/or has a solution for this issue? best regards, Crowder
  2. thank you for your answer and your suggestion. I´ll try it out and tell you if it helps us.
  3. Hallo Community, Uns ist gestern ein Problem aufgefallen, als wir Suchen mittels Advanced Search 4 erstellt haben. Beim Upload mancher Artikel haben sich Rechtschreibfehler eingeschlichten und die Attribute haben deswegen unterschiedliche Namen. Wenn wir jetzt die Suchen erstellen sorgt das für Probleme, da wir entweder jeder Artikel einzeln den richtigen Attributnamen zu weisen müssten oder in den Filteroptionen mehrmals den Attributnamen aufführen müssten. Eine Änderung im backoffice unter Artikeleigenschaften hat nicht den gewünschten Erfolg. Daher die Frage: ist es möglich mehrere Attributwert einem anderen Attributnamen zuzuweisen, sodass sich auch der Wert in der Beschreibung des Artikels ändert oder ist das nicht möglich? Existieren andere Möglichkeiten wie Tools, um so an ein Problem heranzutreten? Gruß, crowder
  4. Dear community, we re currently trying to build some filters with advanced search 4 and within one category we encountered a problem. We´ve got different attributes with values that should be one attribute. But there s been a spelling mistake and so we do have several different attributes meaning the same. In the backoffice it s possible to change a specific attribute value to another attribute. But the description of the product sticks with the old attribute name and is not changed. Does anybody know a way or a tool in order to move the attribute values from one attrbute to another so that the description of the related products change as well? Best regards, crowder
  5. Hello community, We searched for this topic in the forum, but we did not find a suitable solution. We´re looking for a module that is able to display information about the manufacturer next to a product. Each product has one manufacturer and in the backoffice it´s possible to add a description and e.g. a logo for each manufacturer. We´d like to show this basic information when a customer clicks on a product. Does something like this exist? Or do you have some kind of advise for us? Thank you in advance, crowder
  6. hey Jaith, if you simply want to disable a module on specific sites you should disable them in the backoffice: modules > position and then click the edit button. There you simply choose the pages where your module shall not appear.
  7. Hey, we re facing an iusse concerning the mass edit of default categories of products. We want to change the default categories of many products at once. We already tried one tool that apparently does not fit our needs. We re using prestashop 1.6 and are willing to pay for a module that fits our needs. Or are their other ways like using sql and some joins to change the default category of our products easily? Has anyone done this with sql before? Best regards, crowder
  8. Hey, We´re currently expanding our shop and are facing an issue concerning articles in multiple categories. In our chosen architecture an article should not only appear in his own category (subcategory) but also in the corresponding main categories (higher level categories). I attached an example. as you can see our example 'Aktenwagen' shall appear in several other higher level categories than its own category. Is their a way to change the categories of many articles at one time? Or is it only possible to change one article at a time manually? I used the search function but could not find sth. suitable.
  9. I thank you for your answers. We ll be analyzing the tool and look if it meets our needs. And thank you RogueWaveLimited for your answer, we ll be considering your offer. Best regards, Crowder
  10. Hello, We re currently experimenting with PrestaShop and are trying to set up a store with approximately 80 000+ Articles. We re facing issues concerning the upload of product features and attributes. Is there a possibility (perhaps a tool) to automate the upload of hundreds of possible attributes and their respective values? Or do we have to do it manually in a csv file and type in all the possible attributes with the refering key? Best regards, Crowder
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