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  1. hi everyone any news on the expected time for a stable release please? regards
  2. you can change the image size but yes block needs to be done through feature.
  3. Salut Sil vous plaît ignorer moi si j'ai des erreurs dans mon français, de toute façon venons de faire un petit logo et voulait soumettre mais il n'ya pas de lien de rattachement, comment puis-je le faire? S'agissant Mimran
  4. Also can anyone please let me know when is version 1.02 expected to be stablised??/
  5. hi guys thankyou for your answers atleast now i know it is not there. do you know when is that future release expected ???? or should i code it and submit for PS developers??? regards mimran
  6. HI Everyone, Have solved this one, just posting in case anyone else was interested. Steps: 1. Go to your themes folder 2. Choose your theme and then choose CSS and open up the Global.css file 3. Find the line " #center_column .products_block ul li 4. There is a width : 135 px and height 375px defined change it as you wish that should resolve the grey space area if you have like 2 or 3 featured products Best regards mimran
  7. Hello everyone Just a small question please please, on the main page where it shows featured products, each individual product is shown in a set box, how can i change the size of that????? e.g. if i only showed two products it will show empty space any help?
  8. HI Moonpies & Ox40 thankyou for the response. By time range i meant while listing a product if i can give an 'available from' date or in a featured product e.g. Start Feature from : "Start Date" & Expire Feature: "Expiry Date" that is a very standard functionality given in every shopping cart i have seen so far (even in Magneto ) and i was wondering if i just can't find it in PS or is it not there at all. regards mimran
  9. HI Everyone, I am finding it really frustating, the community on PS is really cool, posts i have read do show people are helpful and then so many posts admins have come in to rescue but i am disappointed there has been no reply for my post for such a long time. One of my question is very simple 'service page' is in french is there an english version? Well that is one place PS is making money so in the back of my head i am hoping there is one, as i would like to list my store with PS, and answer to this is very simple either a YES or a NO but no one has bothered to put me out of my misery of wait. Second question was if there is a date/time functionality which EVERY single shopping cart out there has implemented as it is only natural to have it in there! and no one has even answered on that either. I am urging if a site admin can please help me. regards mimran
  10. hi Can someone pleae help me in this regard have been waiting for a couple of days ???
  11. spot on, spot on is there not a member around who can write a module for payment for the popular ones????? might be quicker this way eases the stress on developers as the mile is still long.
  12. dude i am just taking a stab in the dark based on observation normally when you click a secure page it is https://domain.com (i could be wrong) secondly would they charge you anything if you tried both ways? if not then just try which ever works and let the forum know as well.
  13. Hi guys, Firstly appology to site admin, i have posted a couple of posts in the wrong section altogether, first day didn't realize, really sorry please delete them from there if you like. what i wanted to ask was is there way we can put a date in specials/features/product while listing to say they are available from date 1/1/xx and expiry date as well? secondly there is something about hosting with presta shop but that page is in french is there an english version? any help, much obliged. regards mimran
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