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  1. [DOM] Found 5 elements with non-unique id #back_to_product: (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) there are multi images with the same button id
  2. i have upgraded https://www.chinafaryuan.com/en/ from ps 1.5 to ps1.7.2.4 manually, it seems everything is OK(i didn't check the database), but i don't suggest to upgrade to ps 1.7 for the id_product_attribute in url problem and ps 1.7 is still in development ,maybe it 's the time to upgrade after the stable version ps
  3. it's too earlier to upgrade to ps 1.7 ,i think it's not difficult to upgrade ps 1.6 to ps 1.7 manually,
  4. Fancybox is not a function in prestashop 1.6

    first make sure jquery and facybox.js load correctly, then make sure the $(...) object existed,
  5. where communicate with prestashop team directly

    please check the ps_access table,and your group
  6. Can I clear table ps_cart_rule_combination?

    yes,if you want to set the cart rules again, it's best way to backup the table first,then truncate it,
  7. it's quite easy, just copy all the web files and database to the new , edit table ps_configuration domain and domain_ssl to the new domain edit table ps_shop_url to the new ,
  8. Mirgration problem from 1.6 to version 1.7

    the database configuration file is in \app\config\parameters.php for ps 1.7,you can try to change 'database_host' => 'localhost', to 'database_host' => '',
  9. Update PrestaShop > 1.7.x

    it's not a good time to upgrade to prestashop 1.7,i think
  10. yes,it's serious problem for the upgraded store, it's not necessary to put a variable in the url, 1.6.x works well,
  11. What is carrier id_reference used for?

    yes,thank you,you are right,it was caused by i enabled the disabled shipping method (after edited) from database, it's not a right way to add new shipping method,
  12. Reset (not empty) customization fields

    it's right too save the product customization data for the user, if a user want to this customization product and another product,if reset the data,he can not buy together
  13. please check whether category id 1 is in the table ps_category_shop,
  14. maybe you should set the domain,and domain_ssl in configuration table and shop_url table, if the image url is http://www.mydomain.com/mysubfolderimg/my-image-123123.jpg maybe you should set it to http://www.mydomain.com/mysubfolder/ not http://www.mydomain.com/mysubfolder i am not sure ,you can have a test