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  1. Yes you are right, it doesn't load the css,,,but why? I am also always (if custumer/mail already exists) getting the error message that tells me that "An email address required."

    Are those things connected in your opinion? And how can I solve the css problem?

    hello,please check it in browser (such as chrome),make sure the css is loaded,and the css container id or class is not the same to mine,


    you can leave you shop URL,i can check for you

    hello,please check it in browser (such as chrome),make sure the css is loaded,and the css container id or class is not the same to mine,


    you can leave you shop URL,i can check for you

  2. Hi, I don't understand if the module is broken or this is just the normale usage. After I login with facebook it always address me to the page in the screenshot (it's the one that also  ljnuxxx commented). The problem is that this code:

    {if isset($bind_account) && $bind_account}selected{/if}
    {if isset($creat_account) && $creat_account}hide{/if}

    is not working! In fact it just shows me everything.. In the console there is no error message. 

    How can I fix this, and it is normal that I always get addressed to this point?


    (I'm using Prestashop


    hello,please make sure the css was loaded,

    it's a tab in fact,it will show one option,


    you can see the demo,here



  3. Hello TiaNex and thanks for your reply.

    But can you help me what code I need to change? 

    I need that minimum quantity be for product and not for combinations... Customer can be able to buy different combinations but minimum quantity of 4 of determinated product...




    maybe this can help



    minimal quantity based on product(total quantity of different attribution combinations)


  4. i don't know why the code like this,need replace the @ to tracking number,so we should add a @ at the end of carrier url?


    or it maybe 

    contact the url  $carrier->url.$order->shipping_number


    if ($history->id_order_state == Configuration::get('PS_OS_SHIPPING') && $order->shipping_number) {
    $templateVars = array('{followup}' =>  $carrier->url.$order->shipping_number,

    '{shipping_number}' => $order->shipping_number);


    well we finaly found someone who get the same mistake ! we are not alone :)
    We use the with the default-bootstrap theme and the stars in the popup are like on the screenshot.
    We have spent hours to find where the problems was... the only way we found to resolve this bug is :


    in themes/default-bootstrap/modules/productcomments/productcomments.tpl find all :

    <input class="star not_uniform" type="radio" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="1" />

    change the type like :

    <input class="star not_uniform" type="star" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="1" />

    I know this is not a valid html element but it makes the output class working... and this is the only way we resolved this bug..


    If someone has a better idea :)


    EDIT !!!!


    Problem comes from uniform plugin... don't do the modification above. Finally you just have to deactivate it in your-theme/js/module/productcomments/productcomments.js


    at the end of file add :

    (function($) {
    	$.fn.uniform = function() {
    		return this;

    thank you,it works and save much time,

  6. On 2016/3/27 at 8:40 PM, oby1sky said:

    I have products with combinations but my clients should be able to buy a minimum quantity of 1 for each combination but a minimum quantity of 3 for each product.

    Is it possibile?




    the customers can order in mixed attribute combinations ,but it needs a total minimal quanity


    minimal quantity based on product(total quantity of different attribution combinations)


    i have developed this feature,


  7. <div class="star_content">

    <input class="star" type="radio" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="1" />

    <input class="star" type="radio" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="2" />

    <input class="star" type="radio" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="3" checked="checked" />

    <input class="star" type="radio" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="4"  />

    <input class="star" type="radio" name="criterion[{$criterion.id_product_comment_criterion|round}]" value="5"  />



    modify the checked value in productcomments.tpl file (maybe other file)


    what's the problem of my store,,,,

  8. I was able to get rid of the conflict  for all the js by adding below code to jquery.fancybox.js in my theme folder. Now the only one left is the fancybox image is still popping up full screen. I'm going to take a look at just finding code for that. Let me know if you have ideas just for the fancybox image itself when clicked.





    maybe it was caused by this  class "thickbox shown"

    change the code in product.js





    fancybox can't load for there are more than on image with this class,
    if it still doesn't work,maybe the js was not load correctly
  9. Hello,

    module works well for me, except I had to modify the suggested link in the module config page. It suggests to use:


    <a title="Login with your Facebook Account" class="button_large" href="{$link->getModuleLink('fbconnect_psb', 'login', array(), true)}">Facebook Login</a>


    but you have to change it to


    <a title="Login with your Facebook Account" class="button_large" href="{$link->getModuleLink('fbconnect', 'login', array(), true)}">Facebook Login</a>



    Only one problem is that if you try to login with the module AFTER you created an account with it (or if the customer registered previously with the same mail as Facebook),


    it doesn't simply log-in but brings you on a page as the screenshot attached.


    Shouldn't it log-in and bring you to "My account" page?


    I mean:


    Login with Facebook -> 


    If doesn't exist an account with Facebook email -> create that account


    if an account with Facebook mail already exists -> try to log-in using Facebook Password



    Anyway, that page is not translatable with the module-translations page on BO. 



    thank you for your feedback,

    about why not bring to the account,maybe for some security problem,or if someone don't want to bind the facebook account,but he click it by mistake,

    about multi-language support,i don't know how to develop it,i will modify it in the future version maybe,

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