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  1. i know your problem maybe some express charge per 0.5kg or 1kg, if the weight of one product is 0.2kg , 1 or 2 products both will be charged for 0.5kg
  2. 空间是不是满了
  3. 我那个把productcomment 改了,但是不是很好用
  4. 这个版本确实有问题,退回3.11.4吧
  5. irder


    打开调试,看报错信息 打开调试,看报错信息
  6. 你看看你的数据库查询语句结果,后面加一个 group by 就可以吧,
  7. 后台 Localization 添加中国
  8. 清除一下缓存看看
  9. 请baidu或者google搜索关于div css 相关样式显示内容
  10. 这个不算bug, 可能国内网络环境问题,用代理vpn吧,
  11. Features 1.weight range based charge for shipping cost shipping cost = handle charge + weight range unit price * weight/shipping cost charge unit for example, handle charge=2$ , weight = 30.1kg, shipping cost charge unit = 0.5kg, weight range unit price = 5$ shipping cost = 2$ + (30.1/0.5 +1)*5$ 2.shipping cost Calculation in front
  12. sorry,i made a mistake,there is no relation with \controllers\admin\AdminAttributeGeneratorController.php, it seems you modified the right codes,
  13. there is a arrry $products (maybe other name) in cart object, so you can get id_category_default from each $product->id_category_default
  14. yes,the position is not right, please check the position, it seems there is a typo $this->setTemplate('customer/mapage'); NOT $this->setTemplate('costumer/mapage');
  15. please read setTemplate() function ,you will know where to put your .tpl file,
  16. hi,you can echo $this->template to see whether the template file in the right position
  17. hi,you need modify the code of \controllers\admin\AdminAttributeGeneratorController.php
  18. i think it maybe related with some css style class to trigger ajax to work
  19. there is a .tpl view file in each module,you can modify them,or add some css to control the layout
  20. of course,the first thing you need to do is turn on debug in \config\defines.inc.php
  21. hello, group 1 brand brand 1 brand 2 group 2 color color 1 color 2 what you need?
  22. prestashop can't update cache configuration please check the database SELECT * FROM ps_configuration where name like '%cache%'; there are duplicate rows of the same config
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