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  1. some user name maybe include special characters,it maybe break the page to load css or js,please check
  2. maybe some js file was not loaded or there are errors on the page,make sure all js file load correctly so the fancybox(maybe) will work
  3. please make sure you have enough stock for this product,and it's available to order
  4. yes,you can modify the code in product.tpl
  5. is this modification what you need? https://www.vicoffers.com/en/detail/19/prestashop-custom-attribute-image-uploader-not-the-default-attribution-combination-image.html
  6. 有个中文语言包,其实和机器翻译的差不多,
  7. hello,is this module what you need? https://www.vicoffers.com/en/detail/18/prestashop-upgraded-product-customization-module.html
  8. we have a similar solution,but your requirement is much more complex,it maybe need more custom works https://www.vicoffers.com/en/detail/6/prestashop-stepped-charged-shipping-cost-similar-to-aliexpress.html
  9. i have one http://www.tianex.com/en/children-swimwears/658-two-pieces-teenager-girl-swimwear-for-little-girl.html
  10. here is what you need, you can order mini quantity of mix attributes combination https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/604948-how-to-set-minimal-order-quantity-of-a-product-mixed-attributes-combinations/
  11. 确实paypal付款插件不稳定,好多出现问题的
  12. i changed to localhost and then it works , for i configured iptables but there is no rule allow
  13. hello,you may try to add the extension to the small image file elseif (!ImageManager::resize($tmp_name, _PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$file_name.'_small.jpg', $product_picture_width, $product_picture_height)) $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred during the image upload process.'); elseif (!chmod(_PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$file_name, 0777) || !chmod(_PS_UPLOAD_DIR_.$file_name.'_small.jpg', 0777)) $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('An error occurred during the image upload process.'); else
  14. i know your problem maybe some express charge per 0.5kg or 1kg, if the weight of one product is 0.2kg , 1 or 2 products both will be charged for 0.5kg
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