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  1. i just post following my experience,of course i didn't read the first answer, but what i write is right, domain.comx and www.domain.comx is different,it's shop url problems,
  2. it will only execute the hook function of the payment selected,
  3. of course ,you should add content of all hookOrderConfirmation hook
  4. 前面两个都没填密码,应该是设置PHP mail发的,也不是SMTP
  5. 估计空间环境没配置好
  6. maybe you should get help from emagic one store manager,
  7. i just upgrade one store to 1.7, you need change the domain url in ps_configuration table and ps_shop_url table please check the premission of the files ------------------------------------------------ if you still can upgrade ,you can choose our upgrade service https://www.vicoffers.com/en/detail/22/upgrade-prestashop-16x-to-prestashop-17-x.html
  8. optional choice https://www.vicoffers.com/en/detail/9/prestashop-it-service-fee.html
  9. do you think about upgrade your store?
  10. global context add two root category root_1 associated to shop_1 (maybe need add at least one sub category) root_2 associated to shop_2 then config the store and select their root category, then change to the individual shop context to add their category,
  11. maybe you need do some custom works, for this one,you can add different product options https://www.tianex.com/en/pipes/1222-high-quality-copper-home-water-pipes-coupling.html
  12. please test the email config in Advanced Parameters/E-mail
  13. please test the email config in Advanced Parameters/E-mail
  14. there is a bug with \controllers\front\DiscountController.php modify the code to (about line 56) if ((int)$discount['gift_product'] !== 0) {
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