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  1. if the image in product description with full url, you can run update sql from database (make sure backup your data before any update)
  2. yes,it will work, but it's hard to add too many ip address manually, the spammer stop sending message to me now , i think he can't controller so many ip address , hundreds at most maybe, there are 3 ways to ban the spammer, 1.block all the ip address 2.it's a temp method to change the controller url 3.maybe it's a good way to add the Captcha if it works
  3. it turns out this way will work ,please try it, i have add about more than 200 ips, i don't receive spam now, https://www.vicoffers.com/en/blog/4_ban-prestashop-spam-contact-message.html here is my blacklist, you can use ipset restore -f blacklist.txt to restore the blacklist to your server,then gather ip addresss and add manually blacklist.zip
  4. it doesn't make any sense if you didn't set the correct stock information, you can set "allow order even it's out of stock" globally ,and set some for the product stock information manually,
  5. maybe PS 1.7 is learning from magento,but there are serious problems,and not stable now
  6. hello, in \themes\default-bootstrap\shopping-cart-product-line.tpl {if isset($product.attributes) && $product.attributes}<small><a href="{$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category, null, null, $product.id_shop, $product.id_product_attribute, false, false, true)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">{$product.attributes|@replace: $smarty.capture.sep:$smarty.capture.default|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</a></small>{/if}
  7. maybe cart rule will help, it's not a right way to set in carrier, it's a discount in fact
  8. maybe move the code out of the block </form> {/block} {** customization block outside cart form *}
  9. make sure all the modules support multi language, and config them
  10. record the spam sender ip address and ban it in server
  11. anyway,you should backup all the database and website files before upgrade , if you don't have a backup, you should do it now, then try to find the problem and upgrade
  12. i think it's ps 1.6 or wait ps 1.7.40 after a stable version,and there are no attribute combinations with your products
  13. maybe you are using a custom top-menu module,you need check the code ,some module can't support multi store well
  14. no, you need upgrade it manually, but it's not a good time to upgrade to ps 1.7
  15. so,you have changed home_default to 85x85 or change the image type in tpl file,
  16. please paste the code after your change,maybe there is something wrong with the position,thanks
  17. i have this problem too, i have record the ip address of the spam sender ,then add the ip address to the blacklist in iptables (linux server) this way worked well, https://www.vicoffers.com/en/blog/4_ban-prestashop-spam-contact-message.html
  18. it's not a good time to upgrade your store to PS 1.7 if there are many attributes options with your products
  19. it's safe to upgrade your store using the 1-key upgrade module, but it's most important to backup all your data and website files before that
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