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  1. the new version contact form added two security filed in tpl file <div class="submit"> <input type="text" name="url" value="" class="hidden"> <input type="hidden" name="contactKey" value="f0fb5767045eda70793c5f6e1cf43fbe"> <button type="submit" name="submitMessage" id="submitMessage" class="button btn btn-default button-medium"><span>Send<i class="icon-chevron-right right"></i></span></button></div>
  2. maybe you can comment some php lines to jump generate the different type images only the original source image,
  3. ke yi yong zhong wen me you can run some linux command in action hook in prestashop 1.6 ,similar in 1.7
  4. hello,you can enable debug from Advanced Parameters->Performance ->debug, if there is more information,it will help
  5. it seems you upgrade the store from ps 1.6.x or lower version, that's why we didn't suggest to upgrade to the ps 1.7.x version ,
  6. product inquiry / ask a quesion / quote mosdule for prestashop 1.7.x you can order it https://www.nowsel.com/item/29/korea-design-slim-fit-club-party-pu-leather-young-men-s-pant-trousers.html
  7. hello,add the "active"" class to the tpl file,
  8. sorry,i don't have a store with default theme,if you don't mind,please send me the url,
  9. it's for security reason, it will show blank page instead of the file list of the path or other information
  10. usually it was controlled by css style, when you click the + icon,it will add a css class to the container, add the css class default will be work,
  11. yes,you should modify the code
  12. for example,this <img src="/img/p/1/4/3/4/7/14347-small_default.jpg" alt="color 10fashion halter restaurant denim chef apron waiter apron" title="xxxx" width="40" height="40" itemprop="image"> it will show title content "xxxxxx" when mouse over the image,
  13. you should set title attribute of the img ,it will show the title content when mouse over the image
  14. hello,this is what you need maybe custom attribute image and name,
  15. when you switch the pages, the product list was loaded by ajax,so you need to change the ajax content template file,
  16. alternately,you can ban these spammer ip address using iptables if you are system admin this is a solution free without installing any module ,it 's free , you just need to modify 2 line code easily, but you need do more work to add the ip address manually, the spammers send spam message from about 200 ips in my case , and i have shared my blacklist of this ips, https://www.vicoffers.com/en/blog/4_ban-prestashop-spam-contact-message.html
  17. the most important thing you should backup the all data and images and other important files, the hackers can control your server fully,even they can delete all your data, my server data was deleted for using an worpress theme with bug once, please check server security configuration, replace all prestashop system files,you had better upgrade to the latest version of ps 1.6.x or ps 1.7.x check any Suspicious modules, wish you a good luck!
  18. alternately,you can ban these spammer ip address using iptables if you are system admin
  19. hello,the same way,you need modify the code of module contactform instead of contact form controller,
  20. will the contact form still work in this way ?
  21. get these ip address and ban them and i have shared my blacklist ip address set,
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