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  1. the similar  problem happened to my sites,


    it inserted an order to database without "total paid" information,


    no order details or other information,


    but i can get the order details in paypal transaction log,............


    i don't know what the problem

  2. I do not think there is module like you need. 

    This is similar but more general https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/58946-module-last-orders-version-3-ps-1216/

    as it displays last orders on column. 


    On side note, is that OK to show buyers names like that, is it not  bit privacy issue ?


    OK,thank you ,i will try it,


    i think there is no problem for it replaced the given name by ***,just left a family name,if necessary we can replace more letter of buyer name by ****

  3. In Prestashop 1.6, in order to add product image to invoice, i used 


    instead of 


    and it worked fine!

    yes,thank you ,




    //add product image  2/
                            $product = new Product($row['id_product']);
                            $imageUrl= $link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite[$cookie->id_lang], $row['image']->id, 'small_default');
  4. i am not good at programming,but i still think prestashop should add additional table to establish the  relationship  between  categories and the shops,


    i am using multi-store for a few month,i got the result :the relations between categories and store maybe need improve,


    i think it need one more table (we maybe call it categories_relation_stores) to establish the  relationship  between  categories and the stores, so the same can be located in a different hierarchy for a different store,



    such as












    we can move category3 to be a children of category1 easily,(together with the products in category3),

    it will be much flexible than now,

    it can save much work to create categories,and manage products between multi-stores,


    it's hard to manage the same products in different stores for they are in different category level,

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