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  1. i will try it you can get this module for ps 1.6.x https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/566239-free-modules-necessary-module-for-a-online-shop-facebook-login-for-prestashop-16x/
  2. i find we should modify the getPricesDrop() function instead of getRandomSpecial(), it's easy
  3. it will be OK for normal steps of checkout, it seemed the error only happened when set to one-step chectout,
  4. yes,that's really a problem,i updated special module today,but it doesn't work now........
  5. i know the problem now, public function getImageLink($name, $ids, $type = null) $name can be set to any strings but $product.link_rewrite is NULL,so the image won't display, for example, /423-small_default/europe-design-restaurants-coffee-bar-waiter-waitress-uniform-shirt-apron.jpg /423-small_default/anysting.jpg will get the same image
  6. hi,the similar problems happened to my store too, payments successful but only a order insert without order details information,
  7. the similar problem happened to my sites, it inserted an order to database without "total paid" information, no order details or other information, but i can get the order details in paypal transaction log,............ i don't know what the problem
  8. OK,thank you ,i will try it, i think there is no problem for it replaced the given name by ***,just left a family name,if necessary we can replace more letter of buyer name by ****
  9. is there any module can show transactions history in product description page? i mean in front office not back office,thank you
  10. thank you,but i mean show transaction records in the product description page of front office ,
  11. is there any module can show transactions history in product page? like this http://www.nfdex.com/-p-11.html (zen cart site) thank you,
  12. 就改了 delivery flip 再输出pdf之前,把内容echo显示输出了,显示正常就上面那样,可以邮件点print用浏览器那个打印的功能, 但是按照prestashop 这个pdf打印就乱七八糟的了
  13. 快递单输出中邮小包面单,html正常,这么控制输出pdf乱码呢? 输出pdf就乱七八糟的了, 其实再浏览器邮件print就可以打印的很完美了,还有没有必要输出pdf呢?
  14. yes,thank you , //add product image 2/ $product = new Product($row['id_product']); $imageUrl= $link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite[$cookie->id_lang], $row['image']->id, 'small_default');
  15. i think it's much reasonable to create an order before payment, too
  16. 谢谢,这个 for Europe 或者US, Canada & Mexico 是针对卖家来说还是买家呢? 不明白
  17. 请教一个问题: 我看模块市场里有 PayPal Europe和PayPal US &CA 我该安装那个版本的paypal? 是不是都要安装?难道paypal不同国家要用不同插件?
  18. i am using multi-store for a few month,i got the result :the relations between categories and store maybe need improve, i think it need one more table (we maybe call it categories_relation_stores) to establish the relationship between categories and the stores, so the same can be located in a different hierarchy for a different store, such as store1 root -category1 -category2 -category3 store2 root -category1 --category3 -category2 we can move category3 to be a children of category1 easily,(together with the products in category3), it will be much flexible than now, it can save much work to create categories,and manage products between multi-stores, it's hard to manage the same products in different stores for they are in different category level,
  19. i am not good at programming,but i still think prestashop should add additional table to establish the relationship between categories and the shops,
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