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  1. i have the same problem, maybe it's bug, i found out,the error will happen on the products with a "Catalog Price Rules" applied, it will apply this rule twice,so try to avoid apply again, you can see it in https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/6469
  2. it's weird ,it happened when get access to someone product,others are OK, why? http://www.uniformsell.com/en/waiter-shirts/99-europe-design-restaurants-coffee-shop-hotel-waiter-waitress-uniform.html it happened only for some product with reviews , so i checked i have changed the productscomment module, after i copy the template file it turned OK
  3. Preferences Store Contacts
  4. 现在我的观点是如果你的开发能力不是很强, 非常不建议开启多店模式, 有些时候,一些插件或者模板不兼容多店,配置这个店铺,把另外一个搞垮了, 如果有些店铺不常用,造成数据库资源浪费,减慢查询速度,
  5. 不需要,贴上报错信息,才可以帮你
  6. http://www.irder.com 好标识 http://www.haobiaoshi.com
  7. 我感觉不要开很多,因为网店之间可能相互影响
  8. 产品页 后台 列表页 看看我的解决方案吧,实现了单一属性自定义图片,修改的文件很多,没法弄成插件,其实你想要的是这个,, http://www.tianex.com/en/waiter-waitress-uniforms/99-europe-design-restaurants-coffee-bar-waiter-waitress-uniform-shirt-apron.html 和淘宝一样,点击属性图片就可以了
  9. one more problem, make sure your scripts work in the right context (loading product or other object) it will show the same error, when you just /admin/index.php?controller=AdminAttributeGenerator&token=28a5934743536e3f1xxx it's the right url with product id index.php?controller=AdminAttributeGenerator&id_product=1000&attributegenerator&token=28a5934743536e3f11a323021fcexxx
  10. hi,follow this,it maybe help, http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-2355
  11. if there is no value for some variables,or js error,may cause this error, i have experienced once
  12. i don't know what you to do, i have modified to product attributes , http://www.tianex.com/en/waiter-shirts/99-europe-design-restaurants-coffee-bar-waiter-waitress-uniform-shirt-apron.html
  13. hi,maybe there is no description title of that language
  14. i have a similar solution,but i changed a lot code, add two fields,and upload the images not select http://www.dealsel.com/en/waiter-shirts/long-sleeve-hotel-restaurant-waiter-waitress-shirtuniform-work-wear-102.html
  15. can't update image positions when multi-store context and images not in default shop(shopid=1) when you have not one store, image 1,image 2 in shop 1, image 3,image 4 in shop 2, when you change the image position it will caused error, the ajax return "Property Image->id_product is empty" can't create right image entity, i found a temp solution : not associate with the shop when the entity is 'Image' in \Adapter\Adapter_EntityMapper.php change the code $sql->leftJoin($entity_defs['table'] . '_shop', 'c', 'a.`' . bqSQL($entity_defs['primary']) . '` = c.`' . bqSQL($entity_defs['primary']) . '` AND c.`id_shop` = ' . (int)$id_shop); // Get shop informations if (Shop::isTableAssociated($entity_defs['table'])) { if($entity_defs['classname']=='Image'){ $sql->leftJoin($entity_defs['table'] . '_shop', 'c', 'a.`' . bqSQL($entity_defs['primary']) . '` = c.`' . bqSQL($entity_defs['primary']).'`'); }else{ $sql->leftJoin($entity_defs['table'] . '_shop', 'c', 'a.`' . bqSQL($entity_defs['primary']) . '` = c.`' . bqSQL($entity_defs['primary']) . '` AND c.`id_shop` = ' . (int)$id_shop); } }
  16. you can just disable friendly url,if it doesn't work,check other problems,
  17. what i said i not right, it loaded the right description, but you can check it in Preferences->seo & URL rewrite section,
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