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  1. Latest version is 3.1.0 https://github.com/prestalab/universalpay/tree/ps175
  2. if you like this module you can buy it on addons.prestashop.com. Also after the purchase, you will be available support for this module
  3. Can you send screenshot and prestashop version?
  4. v3.0.0 for PrestaShop 1.7 PrestaShop 1.7 supportBefore installation rename directory in archive to "universalpay" https://github.com/prestalab/universalpay/archive/ps17.zip PrestaShop v1.7.0.0 Beta2 have some problems with generating invoice. Also I cant find Show HTML button in description
  5. v2.4.0 for PrestaShop 1.6 Added additional input fields values in Success description Fixed uninstall Fixed customer groups feature Updated russian translation Fixed false error Added payments method setting for virtual/real products Fixed confirmation page breadcrumbs Before installation rename directory in archive to "universalpay" https://github.com/prestalab/universalpay/releases/download/v2.4.0/universalpay.zip You can use values of additional input fields in Description success. Use this template: %up_fieldname
  6. You can add input field and assign to it calendar in external js file, eg. global.js
  7. Fixed in master version. Also you can enable Customer groups feature in Perfomance admin tab
  8. You must increase memory limit for php. This error is not related with module, you wiil see this error with other payment modules
  9. In config/defines.inc.php replace define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); to define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); and you can see errors
  10. v2.2.1 for PrestaShop 1.6 + Assigned cart rule to payment + Added multistore + Fixed code style Before installation rename directory in archive to "universalpay" https://github.com/prestalab/universalpay/releases/download/v2.2.1/universalpay.zip If you use multishop you must edit payment systems and it assign to shops. Payment System discount is not assigned to %total% variable in Description field, but assigned in Description success In this release, you can add a discount, but no fee. If you know how to add a fee without engine editing, please let me know
  11. Возможно вы выгружаете не ту базу или у вас другой префикс Названия товаров хранятся в ps_product_lang
  12. Проблема в /controllers/front/ProductController.php функция assignAttributesGroups строка $combinations[$row['id_product_attribute']]['price'] ... Цену нужно конвертировать
  13. Здесь https://www.prestashop.com/cloud/en/my-stores Но скачать нельзя
  14. Нужно добавить в контроллер: public $display_header = false; public $display_column_left = false; public $display_column_right = false; public $display_footer = false; Или передать в url параметр content_only=1
  15. You need to overwrite the old files. DB will be updated automaticaly Standart image size is 64x64. You can set padding for class universalpay
  16. v 2.1.0 + Added AdvancedPaymentOptions hook + Added french translation I add this functionality. New hook name is AdvancedPaymentOptions
  17. I can add this hook, but it return options only for one payment method. In https://github.com/PrestaShop/advancedeucompliance/blob/master/advancedeucompliance.php this hook used in hookAdvancedPaymentOptions but i dont found whe this hook used
  18. I have version for prestashop 1.4, but it not uploaded to addons.prestashop.com
  19. Add this green bar in description success field in Pay system settings. Create email template with it image and assign it to payment status
  20. В шаблон добавить {capture name=path} Текст в конце хлебных крошек {/capture} {include file="$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl"}
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