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  1. Hello, I want to make custom default home page for my store. I careted one page in html which have background and some messages only. I want to put it as my default home page so when anyone type the url of my website this page will appear to them. I dont want any one to go to my store. they can see that page only and redirect to provided links in the custom default home page. Thanks.
  2. It will work if you do not use coupon code for every users. Problem is when we applying the coupon code paypal not compares the sub total of cart value. Anyone suggest, how i can fix this.
  3. Hello, Thanks for reply, i was able to install the same paypal USA module by changing the Store country. Now the big issue is due to which i reinstall the paypal. When i Apply the coupon code on cart and then trying to checkout through paypal it gives me the error. Unexpected payment errorUnfortunately, an error occured while communicating with PayPal. Short Error Message: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Detailed Error Message: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts. Error Code: 10413 Please contact our Customer service and mention this error code to get this issue resolved. Without applying the coupon code paypal is working fine. Please help me how i can fix it, Thanks.
  4. Hello Recently i faced the problem with my paypal usa module. So i deleted the previous and upload the new downloaded paypal USA module. But when i am trying to install it, it says The following module(s) were not installed properly: paypalusa : Sorry, this module has been designed for stores based in USA, Canada and Mexico only. Please use the classic PayPal Addon instead. Please help me how i can fix this issue. Previously the same module was installed. Please check below attached module. Thanks. paypalusa.zip
  5. Hello I have also the same error. This error only occurred when we using the Coupon Code on cart. If i tried to checkout through paypal without using the Coupon code on cart, this works fine. Only issue with while applying coupon code on cart. Thanks.
  6. Hello Nemo, Recently we noticed that after changing these above steps in URL settings, PAYPAL is not working, when we tried to pay through paypal it redirects us to paypal page But after filling the details of cards Click on PAY NOW it redirect again to the cart page. Please help me out how i can fix this problem. Thanks.
  7. Yes, now normal five step order is not working. and this issue occur after the paypal pro module updated. I am not able find the reason why this is happened. Thanks.
  8. Hello Nemo, Now i interchanged the settings of Order page & Order-opc page in Preference>>SEOand Urls and now it works. Check the below images of settings. But i guess this is a temporary solution for my onepagecheckout issue. Can you please suggest me why quick-order url is not working with order-opc page. Thanks.
  9. Hello Nemo, Please check the below attached screen shot of my SEO and URL page setup and also a change which i made to check in SEO and URLS pages.
  10. Hello Misthero How we can add any separate email addresses which is not belong to customer service and webmaster, then how we can do that. I want to add email address as we able to add email ids in Mail alert module. Thanks.
  11. Hello Nemo, I just disabled the friendly URL's and after disbled friendly url ONEPAGE CHECKOUT is working. and after enabled the friendly urls again the ONE STEP CHECKOUT is not working. Can you please let me know how i fix this issue because i need to enable the friendly urls. THanks.
  12. Hello Nemo, I am using friendly urls for SEO and other pages links for FAQ, but if i disable it , it may occur some new problem related to my links. Then what should i do. Thanks.
  13. No, Not working, i was tried to disable the Paypal Module and try to check out from single page checkout but that was not work.
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