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  1. Hello everyone, I am using Prestashop i would like to add blog. Is there any free module for blog????
  2. Hello Everyone, I am using prestashop can imigrate my shop from www.xyz.co.in to www.abc.com. Its really urgent please help me to solve this issue thanks in advance
  3. Actually i alerady did custom code in my shop. if i got any clue for this i will definetally do. else is there availability of module to do this
  4. Hello Everyone, In my shop there is sidebar which shows category as well as manufacturer list. when i clicked on particular category i would like to show only those manufacturer who made these category product in sidebar. currentally all manufacturer are shown. It is something like sorting manufacturer as per the made the product. Is these possible in prestashop. Thanks In Advance.
  5. i have been removed URL as per vinod says. lets see web master will give an error for these or not?
  6. mo nemo1. i have some corrupted links. that links i want to delete. like this www.xyz.co.in/authentication?back=modules%2Freferralprogram%2Freferralprogram-program.php is URL are stored in database???...
  7. i give some pages which are present in site but gives 404 error. i want to remove that link that means want to delete that link permanantly so crowler cannot crowled that URL. please any body help me . i am using prestashop it really urgent thanks in advance
  8. hello, i am using prestashop i want an excel sheet with the categories and there sub categories with there product. just like below. if possible plese help me. Category Sub-category 1 Product1 Product2 Product3 Sub-category 2 Product1 Product2 Product3 Sub-category 3 Product1 Product2 Product3 Thanks in adavance
  9. Hello, I am using prestashop friendly URL is enable. but still i have problem. look at folllowing URL http://www.kvmswitches.co.in/3-kvmswitch I would like to change url to following http://www.kvmswitches.co.in/kvmswitch i want to remove id of product as well as category from URL.please suggest me your opinion to resolve these problem. Thanks in adavance.........
  10. actually i have been submited my shop URL to crowler then i got csv file in that this url found which shows 404 error. actually i want to remove this URL from backend so crowler cannot find this URL.
  11. CMS option in BlockpermanantLink module i have been disable this option.Thank You soooo much vekia. you always there to help me. thanks a lot. problem has been solved.
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