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  1. Thats the file i changed the Global.css in themes/default-bootstrap/css/
  2. My bad i meen that it didnt work. Also i tried it and its at line 6777 and changed it to this: But nothing.... Also cleared the cache and everything Also i use prestashop
  3. Thanks for the reply's i tried your method @dioniz but it seems to work... My site is this: http://chicaneparts.nl/
  4. Hello, I want to change the social block color in the footer so it match the footer color (where the sub menus are)(added photo) I tried to search every css almost but cant find it so i hope someone can help me out here. Thanks.
  5. I changed the file maybe this works for you. Upload here: "your-site.com/classes/ImageManager.php" if its not working for you maybe its a serverside thing did you got the permissions right in the ftp? ImageManager.php
  6. I attach the file that i changed hope it works for you guys Also make a backup of the original imagemanager.php incase it didnt work for you. Also this only works for the "image format not recognized allowed formats are .gif .jpg .png error" Works for 1.5 and 1.6 prestashop. Upload it to "your-site.com/classes/ImageManager.php" ImageManager.php
  7. Well thanks for all the help and lots of reply's....... I found the problem myself so this is solved few bad lines in imagemanager.php
  8. Nobody? i already tried some other webshop platforms and there the image upload works. so why wont it work in prestashop like a week ago it worked greated on 1 day it gave me this error on the entire backoffice..... image format not recognized allowed formats are .gif .jpg .png Please someone help me out with this because i cant do nothing now with prestashop
  9. Thanks for the reply but thats not the solution for my problem i already searched the forums but nothing worked sadly.....
  10. well i installed PS and even there i got this error what is this? Can someone help me out with this?
  11. this is very strange i just did a fresh install of prestashop but i still get this error didn't mesh with anything did the isntall and went straight to the modules same error...... Also its not only the modules its on all upload images in prestashop....
  12. no the slider wont work either sadly there i get a error that the image format needs to be jpg, gif or png and my image that worked before is jpg....
  13. Hello, I getting this error(img1) error during imageupload and i get a questionmark instead of the image. In all modules and it was working fine before. so i did a fresh install of prestashop 1.6 and tried it right away and still the same error.... What happend because it works just fine before. I get this error in all modules (theme configurator, Image Slidebar etc.) I added some images to this post with the error but the text is in dutch. Error in all prestashop versions 1.5/1.6 Other webshop platforms i dont have any problems uploading images. It worked till a few days ago.... image format not recognized allowed formats are .gif .jpg .png solution is in reply #16 - http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/335789-solved-upload-images-error-image-format-not-recognized-allowed-formats-are-gif-jpg-png/?do=findComment&comment=1698739
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