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  1. It was a third party module, so we unistall it, best way to test when you have similar modules is to select the option "disable non prestashop modules" under Debug mode in Advanced parameters > Settings
  2. this answer solved my problem, now I am able to create direct link to image.... check in ps_image for the id_image and from there you can create the link, thank you !!
  3. Hi, although this might seem to solve the problem, it does not completely, there´s still a bug. If you have different customer groups, one for example (retail group1) showing prices with tax included, and another group (wholesale group2) showing prices without tax, the totals on the cart shown will be wrong, I think this is still a bug in Prestashop 1.7 Anyone knows how to display cart subtotal correctly, with and without taxes, then show taxes, and then the total (subtotal without taxes + tax) ? is there any $cart.subtotals.amount ? Example : Product1: for retail customers (group1) price is $99 including taxes, it should show on the cart as $99.00 with $13.65 (tax included in the price 16%) Product1: for wholesalers (group2) price is let´s say $50 without tax, it should show on the cart as $50.00 + $8.00 (tax 16%) , total in cart $ 58.00 if you modify the cart-summary-totals.tpl with the {$cart.totals.total.amount+$cart.subtotals.tax.amount} the total amount for customer group1 will be wrong, as the result will be $ 99.00 + $13.65 = 112.65 any ideas ?
  4. thank you very much Rhobur, after a couple of hours I found that a module was the cause, now back to normal !
  5. If I upload a new product image, image will not appear in BO or FO, I need to regenerate in order to appear, this was not happening before, now each time I add an image I have to regenerate. thumbnail in BO does not show, but if I right click on it the image does appear in the full size uploaded. Seems PS is not regenerating while uploading / creating product any clues on what to fix ? thank you
  6. que tal, este modulo funciona para prestashop 1.6 ? lo instale pero no me aparece en la lista de modulos
  7. Hi, module installed on, images show OK, but they appear vertically , not in an horizontal slider, any ideas ? there is no "configure" tab on the Back office , thanks
  8. Hi, how can the redirect be to the home page , instead of the last visited page? thank you !
  9. The website shows module is not available, any ideas, or dates it will be ? thanks
  10. I am looking also for a module that creates a voucher after each order, example, after a $100 order, create a $3 voucher (I´m selling wholesale) and want customers to return after each # of days. Anyone knows about a module ? thanks !
  11. Hi, how are you , purchased the module some weeks ago, works great, but I think I can use it much more with othe options 1- How can I include "Default Category" in the Product.tpl report, 2 - Can this report be included on the "extra PDF" so it can be downloaded from the front office ? 3- it is possible to update the Product.tpl report with a cron job ? so the downloaded file is always updated?
  12. que tal, yo tengo el mismo problema con el 1.5.2 y el Explorer, pero ahorita que probe con tu sitio http://www.cupcakesdecolores.com/ , veo que si lo muestra correctamente. Me podrias orientar en como tienes los settings en BackOffice-Advanced Parameters-Desempeño , en la parte de los CCC como tinees las opciones marcadas ? algo como esto ? gracias http://www.prestashop.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=61997
  13. I am also searching exactly for the same, forced minimum order by group, please let me know if you found the way, I will do the same, I´m using prestashop 1.5, thanks
  14. in the customer's database there is a text field called "other" , how can I add this field so it is printed on the PDF invoice, what do I have to add on the classes/PDF.php thanks
  15. hi, everything seems to work ok, even with attributes... however the export file generates this error "supplier reference","order qty","name" Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/Prestashop/AdminFolder/AdminManufacturersUpdateQtyScript.php on line 311
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