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  1. Hello all. I know where to edit my email templates for the emails that go out for order confirmation and the like. However, these emails have PDFs attached to them. Right now these PDF files are displaying the wrong graphic. Where would I go to edit this? Thanks Mark.
  2. Here is a link to the page. Just select any item (Animal) We are selling entries to competitions. https://21stcenturyfairs.com/DenverCountyFair/prestashop/48-animal-entries
  3. Hi. Where do you edit the text in the "Add To Cart" block? I've turned on Live Edit but it doesn't show me the module or any info on this block. I can't find it in my modules list. I'm trying to edit the text in red and I'm not able to find it. Thanks Mark.
  4. Where do I edit the order confirmation emails the customer sees? It's been almost a year since I was in the dashboard and I can't recall where I edit the information on the customer emails. These are the ones that they (the customer) gets after they make a purchase. Thank you!
  5. Hello all. I'm using prestashop 1.6. All the prices for my products are basically the same. Right now they are $5.00. I want to change all these prices to $3.00. So, I used MySQL Workbench and I went into the MySQL database to change these prices. I thought I had found the proper location in the DB. I thought it was the ps_product table. I changed the prices there but it had no affect on the prices when I went back and looked at them in the Dashboard or online. Are the prices also stored in another location? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks Mark.
  6. There has to be some query that prestashop uses to call up an order and it's accompanying customized fields. Does anyone know what that would be?
  7. Re-opening this one because of other interested parties.
  8. Thank you very much for that schema pdf. I know that it will come in handy in the future. I've been looking at it for about an hour and I'm having a lot of trouble reading it and at this point there if far too much information in it to decipher what I need to see. I can't find a connection between the areas I need. So, if there are any other suggestions or hints from anyone I'd sure appreciate it. Again, thanks for the pdf though. I know it will eventually prove useful. Mark. *** found it *** Thanks again!!!!
  9. Hi all. What connects and order to it's customized data in the database. Specifically what connects ps_orders and ps_customized_data. Thanks.
  10. Bumb. I need multistore info. I can't get them to work at all.
  11. As the title says... I'm trying to find the documentation but all I'm finding is documentation for 1.4 and 1.5. Does anyone know where the 1.6 API documentation lives? Thanks
  12. Hi. I'm not even sure I'm asking this the right way. Does prestashop have the ability to allow users to generate their own forms? For example. I have a customer sign into the shop and I want them to be able to create a custom page with certain things on the page. Are there any modules or mechanisms to allow this? Thanks a bunch. Mark.
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