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  1. Sorry for the inconvinece . I have edited the post again and now it will show images
  2. I have created 10 multistores for a prestashop website and all the multistore working fine. But now when I am creating my 11th store then it is creating the store and list it with other multistes as well See attached screenshot "shoplist.jpg" But when I click on Set URL for this shop link then It is not displaying the shop in the list please refer another screen shot "list.jpg" Can anyone help me why it is happening Thanks in Advance
  3. We tried using media server but some image files load and product images were also not loading after using media server. Where there is a URL rewriting happening it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me out for this? I also have speed issue with the first byte of my prestashop site. It took around 6 seconds to load the first byte? Is there any solution for this ? Thanks much in advance
  4. How can I configure my already created prestashop website on AWS and CF. I want to use AWS for image and rest of my content on Cloud Server . Can anyone help how can I implement this. I need a quick solution . Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, I have created a module in which I have created 1. Maker 2. Vehicles. maker contains the name and image of the maker. vehicle contains name,image,maker_id, and categories(product categories) I want to implement a search feature by which user can filter the search of products with the help of makers, vehicles. one vehicle can be associated with the multiple categories. Can anyone help me out on this. Thanks in advance
  6. I have found the solution for this if anyone wants to implement mutiselect option in admin panel then he can add select box like and show select values at the time of edit can be done by the following code It will show option of value 5 and 6 selected
  7. I have implement multiselect and successfully saved the value with comma in the database field. Now I have having a problem when I open a record in edit mode I want to show the previously selected values. Can anyone please tell me how can I implement that. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi All , Can anyone tell me how can we use helper in prestashop module? I want to display form fields with the help of the helper. Please help me out I need to implement this urgently. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello vekia, Thanks for your quick reply. I didn't understand what you are saying. Could you please show a piece of code that how can I access configuration object. I will prefer check boxes over multiselect, I have found multiselect in AdminPatternsController.php but didn't know how to store multiple values using multiselect array( 'type' => 'select', 'label' => 'select multiple with chosen', 'name' => 'type_select_multiple_chosen', 'class' => 'chosen', 'multiple' => true, 'options' => array( 'query' => Country::getCountries((int)Context::getContext()->cookie->id_lang), 'id' => 'id_zone', 'name' => 'name' ), Please help me.
  10. Hi All, Can anyone tell how can I store the values of check boxes or multiselect in a database. I have created a controller and class in admin section and also a table in database. I need it urgent please help me out with this. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello vekia I am waiting for your response please help ASAP
  12. Hello Vekia please find the attached controller and class file code AdminMakersController.php Makers.php
  13. I have fixed the all the issue which I have mentioned above. Thanks all for help and support :)
  14. Hi all, Can anyone please tell how can I upload a image in prestashop. I have created a module in which I add values from admin section. I need to upload image with the values. I have created my own controller and classes in my module. It is add/update/delete the record but I am unable to upload image with that. Please help I want to implement it urgently.. Thanks in advance
  15. Hello vekia, I have resolved that controller not found issue by adding module name at the time of tab creation but currently I am facing two new issues. 1. I have created one more tab but when I click on that tab it will redirecting me on login page. How can I fix this please help. 2. I have successfully created to list all the vehicles when someone clicks on my tab. But where I have to code to display a form from which admin user can add new vehicle. when I click on add new button it redirect me to following URL http://localhost/prestashop/admin6307/index.php?controller=AdminVehicles&addvehicles&token=f564faef1418154071a93f61a3dc0599 Could you please tell where I have to write code for that. Thanks in advance
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